the beginning

I still remember when I was first exposed to the Internet. It was the year 1998. Cyber cafes (cc) were still a new idea in Kota Kinabalu, my hometown in Sabah, Malaysia. One of the very first CCs opened in Karamunsing Complex. I forgotten their name, but I remembered them charging RM8 per hour. Ridiculous, isn’t it? But I didn’t care. I remembered spending four hours in that cc (yup you do the math), just chatting away in mIRC. The Internet opened a world of possibilities – you have your own email account, which you can send emails to your friends or cousins faraway and get their replies faster than snail mail. And the mIRC…oh my. Isn’t it cool to be able to choose your nickname and just chat away without worrying about making a fool out of yourself (because you know, you could always quit the channel and ‘X’ the person).

I can’t imagine a world without Internet. I can’t imagine not having Internet access in my life. This blog is simply a place for me to express. Anything I want. Whether it is some original dish I come up with, sharing my artwork to ranting about a bitch. I think I’m ready to share with the world.

So here I go.



7 responses to “the beginning

  1. hahaha!!.. i remember that!!.. and i also remember that cc can cure ur sinus!!.. ahaha… 😛 oh well.. those were the days lah..:D

    anyway.. now i have more blogs to read.. yipee!!!.. haha.. i hope i will also rajin update my blog lah.. haih.. i no camera bah here.. that’s why i malas to update.. u know.. i’m not a writer.. so i need pictureS!!.. ahaha.. anyway.. take caRE!!!!.. i know i dun usually say this.. but miss u!!!.. hehe

  2. oh ya oh kan vy! how could i lupa that cc killed my sinus ah, hahaha.

    ya ya please update your blog ok so that we can keep in touch, haha. yabah i miss you too!!! =) bagus bagus kau sana us aahh. kasi bangga kami di sini =)

  3. oits!!! glad that you are up and about babe! hmm me planning to go to bangkok sometime this year as well…we shall see eh? meanwhile…keep entertaining us with your daily doses and jibes 🙂 hugs and kisses from me sayang! muahh

  4. hey tash! LET ME KNOW if your Bangkok plan jadi, ok! So we can plan some fun stuff =) Miss you, girl! 🙂

  5. I love the intro to your blog. Keep up with all the updates especially with all the food =P

  6. I LOVE this picture. It’s sooo captured-at-the-moment punya lah! Hehehehe…..Like what tina said lah, love the intro to your blog. It’s a good way to start =D


  7. +tina: thanks thanks!

    +zhe: either daron or bob yg ambil gambar. well whoever it is, i owe them one!

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