Pathfinder Sabbath, Group photo taking and cooking

Today was the Pathfinder Sabbath at church. It was really nice to see a well-set stage with Pathfinder honors, banners and stages. Not to mention, the Master Guides and Pathfinders in their smart uniforms.

MG Hyre (right), welcoming the congregation with Khun Somporn (left) translating.

Aunty Ritha gave the message about kindness. It was really good.

The Young Disciples singing “The Servant’s Heart”.

The musicians of the day. That’s Mr Darrin (right), MC music and education teacher. On his left is Seyha, and Mr Emil on the organ. It was nice to hear other music instruments aside from piano.

The Mission College Church Pathfinders Club.

After the church service, some of us took pictures. We used to take pictures in front of the church every Sabbath. I guess the ritual went down due to several friends who left.

Aaron, Daron, Nicholas (welcome back!), Ivonne, Sandy and me.

The group chimping on the pictures we took. ‘Chimping’ is a term used by photojournalists on seeing the pictures through the camera screen right after a photo was taken. Tedson (far left) joined the group later.

Me with Chrystal (left, my piano/keyboard student) and Emma. They’re like best-friends to each other. It’s nice to see them skipping around the church, holding hands.

Oh I also cooked today for lunch! Behold the Brocolli+Big Onions+Baby Corn+Grilled Chicken Teriyaki:

Yes, yes that’s my feet alright.

Verdict: Really good! I’m still having a hard time to cook for one (so far I’ve been cooking for like 2/3 people…tsk). Maybe it’s a sign that I should start inviting people for lunch/dinner. But I’m still scared to do so (I’m afraid that the food will somehow become terrible, etc). I’ll start with baby steps – cook for potlucks! šŸ™‚


11 responses to “Pathfinder Sabbath, Group photo taking and cooking

  1. AIYHOOOOH…. You making me hungry lah!!! >.<

  2. haih… i miss cooking lah.. i miss eating also.. u don’t wanna know what i’m going tru here with food.. haih.. nasi is so mahal here lah.. aiyoh.. btw.. u’re doing good with cooking!!.. wahh.. i so happy ohh.. at least i got contribute a bit lah kan!.. hahaha.. remmeber!.. just try!!.. that’s how u learn.. cooking is like experiment!!.. hehehe..:)

  3. Woa Dea….i guess im the next person who will be going to ur place to eat! the food looks yummy….i think i even might be able to smell it… šŸ˜€
    Thanx for posting the picx…long time we took a ‘group’ pic…

  4. +shis: hahahahahahah!!!

    +Vy: hehe i guess you got to make quite of adjustment over there kan. yaa you must be happy because mmg you got contribute your knowledge sama sia juga tue! hahahaha thank you for not giving up on me! šŸ™‚

    +vonne: this is funny vonne because i’m commenting this while you’re in my house, haha! yes yes you’ll definitely be one of the first ones to try my cooking hahaha.

  5. OH GOSH totally miss those post-church cam-whoring sessionssss…

    Strangely, in that group pic of you guys, Aaron looks like one of those life-size cardboard figures that you can pose with. Haha.


  6. chelseaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i hope i can be like them man šŸ™‚ if so, i’ll give you free photo sessions, ok?

  7. Wah!!! Bie!! Tambah hebat ah you in cooking!! Apa..apa chicke teriyaki?? Sia pun tidak tau oh!! YOu and mummy memang pandai already lah in cooking. Papa and I will just wait for you guys to cook and to appreciate lah you two punya cooking =p you can start small if you takut pasal people commenting on your food. Invite ivonne, daron….like that lah….when stable (which I’m sure you already are), you invite more lah. You memang can one bah. Confident sikit =D

  8. I forgot to tell you something else…..the new white jacket looks good! Hehehehe….you must buy more of those. Cannot find there, buy here lah. If I see some more, get for you lah (bila ada usin lah…hehehehe)

    Mummy say you hebat in your food =)

  9. Hi Zhe! Ohh maybe I should have explained pasal the chicken teriyaki. Already sedia in the package from 7-11…I just cut bah, hahahaha. Nolah, you lagi hebat! I still need to learn more dishes, lol.

  10. Aaron’s face is here.

    The food looks good. Seriously. I agree with’s all about experimenting. I have yet to surpass my bro’s cooking skills. I will. I am.

  11. jangan kau tina. he’s now my classmate too. haha. zhank you for the compliment! šŸ™‚

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