What I cooked this morning/afternoon

I had some leftover grilled chicken teriyaki from yesterday’s lunch. So I thought of making an easy and fast brunch using the chicken and my favorite big onions!

1. Grilled chicken teriyaki, 1 egg (I later used another egg, so that means 2) and 1 big onion (you can opt onions out if you don’t like)

2. Cut chicken into smaller pieces (you can cut in whatever ways you want. I remember during my early days of helping out in the kitchen, I had people who said “I wanted these carrots to be cut in a TRIANGLE shape.” What the heck, how are you supposed to do that?!)

3. Slice onions into strips. (You can opt this out if you don’t like onions)

4. Put oil then fry onions.

5. When onions turned color (slightly darker) and become smaller, put in chicken.

6. Break and beat the eggs. Put in sweet soy sauce. Then mix it with the onions and chicken. Kacau-kacau the dish (make sure the eggs are cooked), then turn off the fire.

7. Served! (with toasted bread, yummmm).

I think if you plan to make these as filling for bread, I would probably recommend that the big onions (if you decide to incorporate) be diced. Easier to eat.


The recipe above would serve two persons. Okay anyone wants to come over and eat? I got to stop eating for two people lah!


6 responses to “What I cooked this morning/afternoon

  1. Yoohoo!!Yay, you have a blog!! Awwwww, am so proud of you, you’re cooking!! 😀 Nanti when I crash at your place, you cook, yes? 😀

  2. Hey Ju! Zhank you, zhank you!! Yes yes I will cook for you when you come to my place, ok? Finally you can rest! (haiyah sorry lah it took this long, haha).

  3. Diaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaa! Am so proud of you and your reblogging state of mind ahahahaha! Good job and yesh! I love the title, the theme, the everything! Hey, am moving blog for good. Will tell you the site once I have time to transfer some of my post okay! I want more cooking recipes! Ohh..So happy to finally have a friend who blogs about cooking. You can do it!

  4. Aims!!! Wah thank you for your semangat response =) Yabah, let me know okay once you have moved so that I can update your blog link, hehe. Oh yes FOOD FOOD FOOD! Lets exchange recipes!

  5. Hey Dee! Haha, I want! I must try your cooking one of these days..hopefully sometime around the end of the year..still crossing my fingers. WAY TO GO DEE! =D

  6. Hi Tina! Yabah harap youcan come lah…if you do, mesti we hang out ah! 🙂 Thanks for your support!

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