donating part of me

A picture for now.


Will be blogging about this later.


6 responses to “donating part of me

  1. Some distant goal of mine. First, I’ll have to overcome the phobia. Look forward to read the continuation of this entry =)

  2. i did this in my final year… finally got the guts to do it.. but unfortunately the blood refuse to come out!!.. did urs come out?.. hehe..

  3. +tina: oh ya kan tina. I lupa you phobia pula…:)

    +vie: got! but slow oh my blood keluar. i was the first one to donate, but i finished later. lol.

  4. Hey Deanna!!! found your blog! this is so cool!!
    Lately i’ve been finding friends’ blogs and I keep adding them to my links hehehe now I have one more blog to read and one more friend to keep me updated hehehe
    oh, and I totally agree with Tina, cause i have the same phobia LOL of course I’ve gone to the lab to get some blood out of me, but that’s for like blood test or whatever… but never donated blood… such a bad girl me lah hehehe

  5. Hey Sendy! Hehe I’m glad you found my blog (as you can see, it’s just a newborn, haha). Aww well I guess every person has his or her own phobia…like me, I’m scared of heights. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  6. I’m scared of heights too LOL

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