of paper and muslim food

I…did it.


After five long long long hours, I submitted my paper. Obviously I have not learned my lesson about procrastination.

Well…anyway! I had lunch off-campus today. I took an early unauthorized lunch and went with David, or known affectionately as Daud, to Muak Lek. We were indecisive on where to eat first (although I did say ‘NO New Zealand’). Haiyah, if people bring you out go makan, takkanlah you tell where you want to eat kan…macam tidak tahu malu saja. Or (probably) in Daron’s terms, macam diva saja.

Daud’s gas tank almost reached E. So we went to go to Esso (right at the center of Muak Lek town). Since we traveled that far, we decided to go eat at the Muslim restaurant (close to the police station). I was thrilled because I haven’t been there since April (the last time I was there I…uhm, never mind).

Daud’s on the right, not the person on the left lah.

We ordered khaw mok kgai (chicken with yellow rice).


If you’re staying in a foreign country, you seriously cannot go wrong with muslim food. The kuah, that particular flavor, that smell….mmm. I was really satisfied with my lunch (unlike eating at the cafeteria). So this was a good change.

Daud will be leaving this Sunday to Iran. Another friend leaves.


5 responses to “of paper and muslim food

  1. I finally get a slight glimpse of your lappy! Procrastination still rules bah haiyah! 🙂

  2. The laptop, Dee..the laptop. Yes, we need that to carry around =)

  3. :((~~~~~~~ i remember that small guy in the esso station..:((~~~

  4. +aims: lol yes yes. it’s toshiba m300-430t. but i can’t find it online lah lol.

    +tina: yabah. now im connected! =)

    +vie: i don’t remember that guy. ketara bah im not the type who has a bike/goes to gas station.

  5. Hey Dea i dunno why but sometimes i just cant see certain piz….dunno :$

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