What I had for dinner

Even though I knew I had just a few more hours to write, complete and submit my paper, I was hungry.

And you know me. How can I live without food? I need to eat lah!

So okay, I was thinking what should I cook that is fast and easy. Then I remembered I have mushroom stock (and I moved it from the freezer to the fridge…so it’s defrost, sort of). Oh I know…just fry some mushroom and then eat with bread.

And you know me. How can I live without bread?

So I rinse the frying pan, turn on the gas, and put the frying pan on top of the stove. While waiting for the pan to ‘dry’, I took out the mushroom and cut it into pieces. Then I stopped.

I went to the fridge and took out one big onion.

Haiyah I tell you. Now I also cannot live without big onions. What is this!?

Anyway, to cut the long story short:


You can start drooling now.

Who can guess what sauce I mixed the ingredients with? Guess, guess! 🙂 The first person to answer correctly will get something airmailed from me! 🙂


5 responses to “What I had for dinner

  1. Heck, I have no idea. I’m a terrible guesser. I’d go for pepper sauce but that would sound so wrong (although in my cooking dictionary that would be fine). Then another one I have in mind, “Nam Pla”. Goodness, that might just spoil the whole taste. Anyway, I’ll stop with the guessing, sit back and see more of the guesses rolling in. Cheers in advance to the one who gets it right 😉

  2. erm… from the picture.. i cannot tell what sauce u used.. but i’ll just guess anyway.. erm.. mushroom sauce ? as in the vegetarian oyster sauce… looks like there’s some kinna herb in it or black pepper sauce or something like that.. aiyah!!.. tell me if i’m right lah..:P

  3. +tina: TINA YOU WON. Yay, congrats! BAH I’ll let you know once I send it from here…then you have something to look forward in your mailbox for a week…hehe!

    +vie:lol you got it right the 2nd time, but I guess Tina beat you to it, lol. but you know, i usually use vege mushroom sauce…ntah datang apa gila i wanted to experiment. lol. thanks for guessing!

  4. Wowness!! I didn’t see that coming =p

    Think I’ll be going home today feeling all excited inside..I hate it sometimes when I smile to myself.

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