My experience to donate blood for the first time

I hate how I look like a whale here, but oh what the hell. Photographed by Toshi.

Two Thursdays ago, I gathered up my courage and walked to the end of the IT Building. There were a number of unfamiliar people in their uniforms. They were moving quickly – setting up foldable beds, some kind of equipments that I have no idea what it is about and food. I walked up to a table which looked like a registration table. I waied and said “sawatdikaa”. She responded and said some strings of sentences in Thai that I couldn’t really understand fully – but I guessed she was asking if I wanted to donate blood and I just nodded.

10 minutes later, I was lying on one of the foldable beds. The nurse tried to find my vein and gestured the other older person to come and help her find it. I remembered that when Chervie went for the same event in the earlier time of last year, the nurse couldn’t draw out blood from her. Or was it the nurse couldn’t find her vein. But anyway, a few minutes later, the older person touched a particular spot and affirmed to the nurse (well according to my interpretation anyway). At this point of time, I was chatting with Vanessa (the girl next to me in the picture above) and asked her to take pictures of me with my cellphone. You can say I was trying to distract myself.

Then the next thing you know, blood was drawing out from me.
Photographed by Toshi

For me, it was not painful. The only “pain” is when the nurse injected me with the needle – but it was quick and just like a 1-second prick or something. I did not feel any pain when the blood was drawing out from me. There were students who occasionally stopped by, saying hi and stuff. If not, my time was spent staring at the ceiling.

Should have taken a picture of the ceiling, but haiyah I was drawing blood lah!

I wished I could tell you how long it took – but I don’t remember (I rely on my phone for time actually). Even though I was the first person to donate blood, I wasn’t the first one to come out. There were a few students who came after me and they finished early. Along the process, my blood was drawing out in a slower pace. So I kept squeezing the red ball thingamajig, thinking that I’ll help draw out more blood in a faster pace. But the director of the Saraburi Red Cross came later, saw what I did and asked me to stop what I was doing. “She asked you to relax. Breathe at your own tempo. Don’t force,” a MC personnel translated to me. So I did, and later, in a few minutes my blood regulated normal again.

At the scene. Photographed by Toshi.

Let me not forget friends who have donated blood the previous year at Mission College:




Chervie (well, at least attempted!)

This has got to be my favorite shot of her. Hehe!

It’s not easy to gather your courage to donate blood, if you’re a first timer and if you’re not that open to trying something new. You have all sorts of fears, questions and excuses – what if I faint, haiyah cannot lah I have test today I need all the strength I can get, haiyah I got period lah I need the blood, etc. This is obviously from my experience. But I guess at that particular week, I was going through some roller-coaster emotions and I needed to get it out of my system. So when the Blood Donation Day came, I realized it was a great opportunity for me to;

1) focus/use my energy to gather my courage to donate blood
2) to do something that I have always wanted to!

And it was the right time of the month for me.

Donating blood was a wonderful experience for me. I was quite sad when they took out the needle. I actually asked the nurse if she wanted to fill another bag because I was all for it. Haha. I felt good to know that I have give something precious, something that can help other people in need.


So would I recommend you to donate blood? You betcha!

So here’s a goal in my life: To donate blood whenever I have the opportunity to do so.


9 responses to “My experience to donate blood for the first time

  1. I love Chervie’s picture (the first one)… her face so funny and it says everything… no words needed hehe

  2. haha.. 😛 i never thought of doing it lah…. i’m very much afraid of anything that causes pain.. so yeah.. that’s why.. haha. 😛

  3. You finally did it, Dee! 😀

  4. I kinda found it funny where you included the list of excuses.

    How about, “Haiya, I’m underweight la”??? =p

  5. +vie: but the fact that you attempted counts! seriously that takes serious amount of bravery 🙂

    +ju: yabah! yes yes yes!

    +tina: hahahahahahahahhahaha. haiyah applicable to you only la that tina.

  6. Awwww… this is a strangely nostalgic post leh!
    Where’s my pic?? :p
    BTW, did anyone take a pic of the time Robert peng sang-ed?

  7. Robert pengsan?! None oh. Er, when did you donate?

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