My Sabbath lunch

My Sabbath lunch was different this time around.

Three dishes for lunch

Three dishes for lunch

Because I invited three friends over!

Nini, Baybra and Bob leaning against my bed. I'm staying in a studio apartment (you know, where your living room is your dining room, your laundry room, your place to sleep, your kitchen, etc)

Nini, Baybra and Bob leaning against my bed. I

Now let’s take a closer look at each dish:

Broccoli with mushroom stock, baby corn and big onions

Dish #1: Broccoli, mushroom stock, baby corn and big onions with black pepper sauce

Vege meat with tomatoes and big onions

Dish #2: Vegetarian BBQ meat with tomatoes and big onions

) Reminds me of home.

Dish #3: Maggi Mi Asam Laksa (boiled by Bob). This was an unexpected yet lovely addition! ๐Ÿ™‚ Reminds me of home.

My plate looks like this:

The lauk with brown rice.

The lauk with brown rice.

Our lunch was spent watching Animal Planet, chatting with each other and a little Wii (shhh). I’ve been meaning to invite these particular circle of friends to my house for a long time, but I never get around it because my cooking was still in the works. Wait, I mean I’m still learning how to cook (definitely an amateur) but at least, I’m a little bit more confident now and at least there are 2 dishes that I can cook and it is edible, haha. It was wonderful to eat with people…what more, friends. I was feeling a little down in the morning and thus, this small yet meaningful lunch cheered me up. I’m definitely looking forward to invite more friends for makan session or in Adventist terms, fellowship.


6 responses to “My Sabbath lunch

  1. not bad!! Hehehehe…glad that you had friends went over to your place for lunch. The combination of food looks soo delicious! Hahaha….really wanna eat lah by just looking at your pictures =D Keep it up Bie, and you’ll definitely find yourself making receipe books one day!

  2. Aww.. I miss those days when we ate breakfast/lunch/dinner together. Aiya, bodoh.. I’m feeling a bit emotional now and I’m about to enter a class. I’m letting them out early today.. muahahaha!!

  3. Yay! You had friends over at your place, and you cooked lunch!!!! Yes, keep it up Dee!:D

  4. +zhe, tina, ju: yes yes yessssssssssss!!! Don’t worry nanti we must have our own reunion then we main masak-masak ah. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i realize u like big onions in ur dishes ahh.. good good.. i don’t really like to eat them.. but i love to put them in my dishes as well!.. ahaha!.. : ) glad u have ur skills running..!.. u’ll be good in no time..!.. keep up the good work!!..:)

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