Fried rice turn wrong

I had leftover rice from yesterday’s lunch. I’ve always wanted to try and cook fried rice. What a better opportunity than to do it for today’s lunch.

However it doesn’t turn out exactly as how I wanted it to be. It tasted…plain. Monotone. Nothing to wow at. Blah.

The so-called fried rice

The so-called fried rice

These are the steps that I took:

1. Put in oil.
2. Fry big onions first.
3. After big onions become smaller and browner, fry broccoli and baby corn.
4. After broccoli becomes smaller and greener, put in rice (add a little oil too).
5. Mix sweet soy sauce into the pan.
6. Break egg into the pan.
7. Done.

I think the sauce is most likely one of the convicts. Okay for those who know how to fry fried rice the right and more delicious way, can you tell me how? Because I want to learn. 🙂


8 responses to “Fried rice turn wrong

  1. Sweet soy sauce??
    What’s that?
    Fried rice use soya sauce – salty one lah.
    U can add a little salt too, pepper, and I’m a sucker for mixed herbs as always.
    I also cube sausages and fry them in.
    I also tried adding black pepper sauce once. Very nice.
    But generally I think the taste is in the soya sauce and salt.
    You’d be surprised how MUCH salt/soya sauce goes into normally to make fried rice tasty.

  2. I don’t know what’s the right way to cook fried rice but what I remember from how I did lah….i added salt and kicap pekat lah (not too much since both also salty lah)

    The other way round is by using those cubes yang khas just for nasi goreng….you know those Knorr cubes yang kena jual tu. Try and see over at the muak lek mart there….they may sell. If not the cube, then those seasoning for nasi goreng…let me know how you do in your next experiment =)

  3. Trials and errors Dee.. it’s got to be that or you’ll never learn.
    You’ve got some extra tips from Shimona and Fie.. so that should help. Ask additional tips from those around you.. the one I have in mind, our favorite Auntie Ritha =) She’d be more than glad to help you out (maybe she might even give you a free demo for your sake..hehe).

    I’m glad to know you’re still a keen experimenter in the kitchen. KEEP IT UP!! Yahoo!!

  4. Oh, I bet it’s not that bad. And In fact, it doesn’t even look that bad honestly 😉 it looks pretty good in fact…..

    Maybe you can try to stir fry everything first (including the egg) before adding the rice into the pan. That’s how I always do it….then the fried rice will be dry like the chinese style fried rice they have here in Malaysia…And actually, try buying those vegetarian oyster sauce (a.k.a. mushroom sauce) for seasoning. They have it in Lotus. My mom always buys it. It does the trick. Just add that sauce with a tiny pinch of salt depending on how much you are cooking…and then last, add pepper. When you come back here, come over to my house and you HAVE to cook for me ok?! hehehee….have fun

  5. +Shis, Zhe, Eeda: Thanks for the tips! Seriously I’m not giving up in the quest of frying/cooking the right/delicious fried rice. 🙂 You know what, Shis you’re right…no wonder New Zealand’s fried rice is sedap…probably because of the amount of salt and pepper…tsk!

    +Tina: Thanks for the semangat, Tina! 🙂 Yeah I MUST NOT GIVE UP.

  6. u’re doing fine!!!.. nothing is salah there!.. u just need to add salt!.. that’s it..:) u can add salt when u’re frying the vege or even after u put in the rice.. 🙂

  7. wow I didn’t know salt is an important ingredient for fried rice. thanks vie! 🙂

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