I recalled watching a show in 3ABN some time ago and an elderly woman was interviewed. She spoke about her calling as a teacher and one statement from her stuck with me since. It went along the lines on how we know that Christian teachers or teachers working in Christian schools hold 20 other positions besides their “official” job.

You know, that’s quite true.

Having been a staff an intern at Mission College for two years plus, I have witnessed teachers and staff, accommodating as much as they can possibly can besides teaching. This really helps me appreciate them more and more and I also feel inclined to do the best that I can in whatever that I am able to. Whether it means taking the time to say hi to people whom I usually don’t speak to or helping out students in their News Writing assignments.

We never know the impression we make on students. I’m sure many of us can vouch times where we felt uplifted and being cared. Back in my undergraduate days, I remember a particular busy yet caring teacher who stopped me and said, “Are you okay” and I just burst into tears. She took me into her arms, like a mother who would do to her child, and listened to what I had to ramble about. She asked me to see her again in the afternoon and when I did, she gave me a small box of chocolates and a note. I don’t exactly remember what the note says, but I remembered it as being encouraging. I still keep that note and I put it in my office drawer.

Simple acts of kindness impress one’s heart forever.


One response to “Caring

  1. Reading this post reminds me to be thankful that I’ve had the privilege to study in one of our Adventist institutions..I’m sure you won’t be able to find that same act of kindness (and other things) elsewhere.

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