5 unique facts about Deanna

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Tell everybody 5 facts about yourself. Usually something unique or that you think few people know about you.

At the end of your facts, tag 5 people (list their names down) and those people who are tagged will write 5 facts about themselves and tag 5 other people and so on and so forth!

Deanna’s 5 facts

Deanna sharing five stuff about herself

Deanna sharing five stuff about herself

[1] I have a red birthmark on my right wrist.
[2] My sis did hers and my laundry and clean the room we stayed together most of my undergraduate years. I am that spoiled.
[3] I can’t stand long nails.
[4] I L_O_V_E bread. I can eat bread everyday.
[5] My nose is big because I used to pick my nose a lot when I was a kid.

These are more like embarrassing facts about me. Haha, oh well at least I’m sure I’ve made some of you smile.

I Tag…..
…alamak, all my friends are tagged already! 😦 Okay, nevermind! I know I do have occasional readers, sooo! I tag:
[1] Tina
[2] Zhe Zhe Fie
[3] Chervie (I don’t care lah if you kena tag already. I’m tagging ya!)

So what if it’s three? πŸ™‚

8 responses to “5 unique facts about Deanna

  1. Halaaaamak!
    So who cleans ur room and does ur laundry now?? Or should I just stay away from ur place when I go visit? HAHA….

    btw. try not to eat white bread – supremely unhealthy for u – akin to eating sugar. eat wholemeal or multigrain. Better. So many good bakers ard u – just buy from them some healthy bread lah! heh.

  2. Dee, I salute you for the display of bold truth.

    I’m hating this (don’t worry, not you Dee) but I’m consoling myself with the fact that there are a million other things that others won’t know about myself :p

    Okay, so here goes the 5 facts:

    1) I hate doorknobs especially of public toilets.

    2) I hate the fact that I can be SO particular of small things
    sometimes which others consider trivial. Really. For
    example, the edges of a book (cover) or even its pages – it
    just has to have that “perfect edge”). I know this “madness”
    gets on the nerves of people.

    3) I wish I wasn’t the older sibling. Enough said.

    4) I eat like a pig when I’m stressed about something. I could
    eat at every strike of a new hour if I wanted to. Seriously.

    5) I luv mascara. I can go with that alone for that minimal
    touch up.

    -> I’ll consider this the 5 UN-unique facts of myself. After all,
    it’s not exactly the brightest of all facts. Boohoo.

    * No blog, so I just had to make use of this space for
    comments πŸ˜‰

  3. Forgot to include.. I’ll have to pass with the whole tagging thing. I’ll need my own space to do the “official tagging” :-p

  4. +shis: haiyah of course me lah! i can clean my place and wash my own laundry…it’s just that im super duper lazy. lol. man i cant eat white bread anymore, seriously. i only buy wholewheat (wholegrain is better though) bread and im so used to the taste! πŸ˜›

    +tina: hi! thanks for doing the tag. ooh i also think twice when it comes to touching the escalator punya handle…sorry have no idea what you call that. lol.

  5. eh?? Wah!!! Like that one ah??? Okay lah….i’ll try to describe lah… but how to tag ah? Can oni tag from here lah, if anyone reads lah =p

    1) My sis takes care of me….she does the booking, renting, those
    stuff that deals with people lah….she’s good at it =)

    2) Never travelled alone until August 15….it was terrifying!!! But
    it was also an adventure lah….I did okay =p

    3) Enjoys being in a company of good friends and family

    4) Cooking has been declining since Mom does the cooking
    and realizing that Dee is also doing further improvements
    on her cooking as well…

    5) LOVE chocolate, blue, teh tarik ping, avocado juice,
    ice-lemon tea!!!

    6) now i tag, Ju, Shiz, and….who ah??? Hmmm….Ivonne! =)

  6. LOL….well i dunno wat to say….this is kinda funny….but here it goes…

    1) If i stay at somebody’s place i wud usually clean n organize it all over…it feels good to see the results πŸ˜›

    2) another with cleaning ,also whenever i have to study my room has to be totally clean n organized otherwise i cant concentrate….its so hard not to…

    3)From time to time, i would take out everything from closets, to boxex, tiny compartments, clothes, papers, my room becomes like a place where a hurricane just passed by….n then i start lookin how to organize non stop πŸ˜›

    4)im always prepared for anything, meaning…if we go for a trip or just an outing, or even in my room i can even have the unexpected things that ppl need….if i dun i can go crazy πŸ˜›

    and last….

    5)Just like Fie fie…i luv blue, dolphin, animals(of any kind), Oishi…so nice πŸ˜›

    dunno who to tag… πŸ˜›

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  8. Pingback: Clean room to study, end up wrapping walls « cooking (mis)adventures with Deanna

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