Creative block unblocked

How was your (working) day today?

Mine was mostly spent on one project: Designing a new college ad for a magazine publication.

MC advertisement

MC advertisement

After designing one after another ads and brochures for the college for the past two years, I’ve discovered that your first work is not the end/final product. In other words, your first attempt is not your best work. I usually get better results when I experiment with all sorts of textures, layouts, colors, types, etc. Sometimes it’s frustrating because you have to be real patient to come up with ideas. I think one of the worst things that could happen to any graphic designers is creative block.

Yes people, there IS such thing as creative block.

Google listed 625,000 sites on the subject 'creative block'

Google listed 625,000 sites on the subject 'creative block'

Some websites list ways on how designers can deal with creative block. Some suggested taking a nature walk, sketching and even cleaning their house.

Marion Boddy-Evans wrote about Tips from Painters to Overcoming Creative Block. Source:

As for me, aside from the normal brainstorming, sketching and skimming through magazines, journals and websites, I have another way of dealing with creative block.

And that, my friends, is eating. Chips.

Pringles on my office table

Pringles on my office table

So much for dealing with my creative block.


5 responses to “Creative block unblocked

  1. Eh! Love the Finished Product. Nice nice!
    Where’s my pic leh? HAHAHAHAHA…

    Ps: Pringles’ sour cream & onion is better!!!

  2. HA!! I never miss taking a glimpse of that on the store shelves. I luv munching on that junk but somehow almost most of the time, I end up bringing something else to the counter. I’m gonna splurge on that one of these days. Reminds me of something… “sinful indulgence”. What the heck.

  3. I love this entry..Just becuase you tell it with pictures. 🙂 Pringles BTW are my happiness food. We used to eat them every Sunday when my family went swimming at the beach. So Pringles = Happiness. And now…creative unblocking!

  4. Julie (Not Little)

    Ha. Ha. I have to clarify which Julie.

  5. +shis: haha you ah left already when im just given the tasks to give the college a brochure makeover. lol. i usually buy sour cream and onion, but finish already leh!

    +tina: i hope i have the strength to abstain from the sinful indulgence…i had too much!

    +julie: hahaha thanks for clarifying. 😛 ooohh pringles equals happiness! ahh childhood memories 🙂

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