Someone’s getting a snail mail from Thailand!

Guess who’s getting this cute little bookmark airmailed from Thailand?

Tina! She was the first person to answer correctly for my post What I Had For Dinner. I went to the Loft *coughsexclusivecoughs* at Siam Discovery Center, thinking of what to get for her. When I saw this cute little thingie, I know Tina will enjoy this as she loves to read ;).

Thanks, Tina for continuing to support me in every way you can (yes, even by reading and leaving comments at my blog). I’ve just sent your gift today (to SMAT/SASS mailing address) so keep a lookout for the next few days, ya? I know you’re smiling widely now, hehehe. Thank you for coloring my life with your friendship!

Yes, sometimes out of the blue, I’ll just give out gifts for no reason. More reason to visit my blog and link me to yours, if you have one! 🙂


3 responses to “Someone’s getting a snail mail from Thailand!

  1. Wah! Like some kinda TV show or something man – promowhore! Ahhahahhaa…

  2. eh!! eh!! eh!!! terpaksa lah this i hari hari go online to check out your blog. Mana tau dapat answer first lagi =p but really, the bookmark is cute and yes, it DEFINITELY suits Tina =)

    Tina *cough*cough* borrow *cough*cough*
    Wakakaka!!!! =p

  3. WUAH!! So nice lah.. I like the whole look of it. And of course, red.. hot color. Zhank U’s!! Sorry ya, it’s been awhile since I last visited your blog.. had been busy doing things. Haiya, so much already I missed out.

    Haven’t got the bookmark yet. I hope the postman didn’t rip open the envelope and steal it. Ok, ok, I don’t want that to happen.

    Fie, don’t *cough*cough* bah =p

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