In a nutshell

Too many things have been happening for the past few weeks and I don’t have the time to blog each of it!

Here’s a breeze through:

1. My first time to watch a professional Thai musical performance at Esplanade (first time to Esplanade too). Find out more about “Behind The Painting” here. I’m going to write an article about it like my experience at Siam Niramit and share it with you guys. So watch this space! šŸ™‚

2. Dined at Dream Kitchen at Central Bangna for lunch. They had this ‘combination for two’ packages where you can combine two of any of your favorite dishes. There’s Combination For Two (CPT) 99 baht, CPT (129baht) and if I’m not mistaken, CPT 149 baht (this is the Beef package). Mine was CPT 99 baht – combined chicken steak and fish fillet. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig serving for 99 baht! Worth it. šŸ™‚

3. Had Nutella ice-cream at Central Bangna Food Court floor. I prefer Nutella bread spread though. šŸ™‚ Well there’s always a first for everything, right! Life’s boring without adventure šŸ˜› (yes even this small dessert adventure, haha).

4. Ate at Shabushi! This place is the KICKS, I tell you – provides shabu-shabu AND SUSHI buffet (not to mention, free drinks, ice-cream, fruits!). I believe Amy introduced me to this (long time back! LOL). I’m counting on Shimona and Amy to join me next time. Anyone else?! Perhaps Lerie and Hazel? Oh, my sis and mom would love this place.

5. Went for a Head Shoulder Back massage in MBK. Sigh, I’m still looking for that ‘perfect’ massage where I actually feel unstressed, relieved after being massaged. I only feel pain lah! šŸ˜¦ Haiyah, I’ll try foot massage next time.

6. Celebrated Ivonne’s post birthday on October 22 (her birthday is on October 21, but she had finals). Happy Birthday, dearest!!! šŸ™‚ Ivonne’s my Wii partner (which I need to blog about!) and I’m really grateful with her support and friendship. By the way, we went to this really cool restaurant by the lake THAT IS SO NEARBY THE COLLEGE THAT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTS (take the junction on your right right before P’Noi’s). I forgot my camera (was in a hurry to grab her present). Serves really delicious food (the fish is to die for…seriously. Can just die. Die twice also can one, Lerie ). Thanks to Ivonne’s parents for treating us, hehe! šŸ™‚

This celebration deserves a second picture! Here’s Ivonne’s carrot cream cheese cake (yes, yummy to the maximum) accompanied by strawberry ice-cream. Okay, can die thrice now. Note: Quite curious about the Sugaroma’s pecan carrot cake that Hazel blogged about. Mmmmm…

7. I also attended Nini’s birthday party yesterday night at the Thai sala. They had Mohinga, which is a famous Burmese noodle dish (perhaps an equivalent of nasi lemak to Malaysians?). It was so…so good. I have to share with you more about this dish in another entry.

I gained 1 kg from all these eating, but I am 110% happy and satisfied for the new things I tried and good company. šŸ™‚

Tomorrow, I’ll be joining the MC Bible Camp to Rayong for the weekend. I got to start packing! Enjoy your weekend, people šŸ™‚


5 responses to “In a nutshell

  1. Now I am ready to die 10x seeing you having SO MUCH FUN!!! šŸ™‚ Come, go Shabushi! It’s a date…

  2. Aow… u must be a cat with 9 lives na! Dying so much from the good things in life… :p
    Yes, I will definitely join u at Shabushi (high fives Aims) next time round – you MUST CALL when u come to bkk!!!!

  3. Nutella ice-cream!! sounds yummy!!!

  4. +aims: hahaha i like how you use my dying illustration. šŸ˜› Ya ya, pai Shabushi!

    +shis: miaaaaaaaaoooo!!!

    +sendy: lol but it doesn’t taste that yummy as the spread! hehehe.

  5. Hey Dea…hope u have a good day today…in homecoming weekend….my bday is the 20 not 21…but its all gud…im glad to have had a gud time with my frenz….here in MC….thanx so much for the gift too….smellss great!!! šŸ˜€

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