Ouch my head

Just done with a class presentation. Overall, it was okay, but I know I could have done it better. There were two things that happened during the presentation, which I wished didn’t happened.

1. I spoke too fast. (rushing against time – I thought I had 50 minutes, but the teacher gave a quiz in the beginning so 15 minutes was gone. I didn’t even get to do a comic dialogue with the class…haiyah)

2. Singled out a student/classmate/friend (he was making gestures at the back and I was distracted!). Haiyah, I shouldn’t have done that.

But anyway, I’m glad that’s out of the way.

A post will be up tonight. Here’s an eye candy of what’s coming up…

Remembering Rayong

Photo taken by Mr Elvin W.

3 responses to “Ouch my head

  1. Hey! I bet you did well anyways. =)

  2. Did you use the bikini that you got yourself? Cos I’m guessing you did =p

  3. +lerie: aww zhank you for your confidence in me! 😛

    +tine: OH HECK YEAH. hahahahaha! 😛 you get also lah tina, then when i go back home, we must pigi pulau dan peragakan badan kami ‘while we still got it’! hahahahhaa. 😛

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