Remembering Rayong: Ban Sang Beach

How do you summarize an awesome weekend getaway in an entry?

Cannot lah!

So I’ll break up Remembering Rayong: Ban Sang Beach in a few entries (maybe 3, 4…). Seriously, too many pictures and too much fun! 🙂

We traveled about 5 hours from Mission College to our ‘resort’ (including stops at gas stations). I think at the last 30 minutes, we were all excited when we saw the ocean on our left and resorts on our right (after seeing so much of long grass, towns, mountains and more grass!). Then we passed the ocean and the resorts and I was thinking No, no, no!!!. About 15 minutes later (after turning left, right, left, right and taking small roads), there we have it – the long awaited sign “Ban Sang Beach”.

Pisonya, Daron and me, (impatiently) waiting for camp instructions.

Pisonya, Daron and me, (impatiently) waiting for camp instructions.

We were then led to our home stay. Hola!

Welcome to my crib, yo!

Welcome to my crib, yo!

This is where Onya and I stayed with five other ladies. There are two big air-conditioned rooms with personal bathrooms. On top of that, you have a small living room, equipped with sofa, a coffee table, a TV and a fridge.

The bed is sooooooo comfortable. The pillow is so inviting that it makes you feel like you’re sleeping in your own bed. The satin blanket is so soft that it makes you feel like an empress. Seriously, I could just lie and roll in bed for the whole weekend. I could.

This is the outside view of our house. You’ll see a number of coconut trees around the ‘resort’. See the building amidst the trees? That’s the auditorium where we have our worships, meetings and social night.

More coconut trees. Oh and the houses you see are where the students stay.

More coconut trees. Oh and the houses you see are where the students stay.

After maybe a few minutes admiring our home stay, we quickly changed into our bathing suits to enjoy an afternoon of sun, sand and sea!

L-R: Anderson (on the sand), Wira, Icha, Meilany, Claire, Sharon, Onya, Julios, Daron and me.

The group and their mischievous smiles. Guess who they are digging the sand for?

Untuk Sharon dong!

Sharon the sand mermaid surrounded by her pengali-pengali pasir.

Some invented their own beach games.

Some just go old skool – play kejar-kejar/tag!

Oh, I also did something that marked a first time – BANANA BOAT RIDE. Yes, now I can cross it off my list!

I’ll blog about this in the next entry. More Ban Sang beach scrumptious stuff coming up! Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Remembering Rayong: Ban Sang Beach

  1. Your weekend lodge really does seem homey.. Btw, what’s with the brown similar T’s? The print looks pretty interesting.

    The place looks amaaaazing….!

  3. +tina: oh that’s our camp tshirt. nanti i take a close-up picture for you, it’s really interesting (as in the print). renie designed it. hey, did you get your bookmark from thailand?!

    +shis: yess! well actually the beach sucks (seriously, salty water!). but good company makes everything good! 🙂 haha.

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