My Saturday

Fooling around with Bob in church.

With the lovely ladies; Ivonne, Sandy and Switz.

Spent my Saturday afternoon at the Lee’s residence for the second time. Oh my word, vegetarian food is so tasty! YUMMY. Learned how to cook Dr Pak Lee’s famous fried potatoes. Will attempt this pretty soon! 🙂 Also had wonderful conversations with random people…ahhh. Lovely Sabbath afternoon!

Played Guesstures with Linguistics students and their friends at Julie’s place. Although people may see me as friendly, but sometimes I have insecurity issues too (as in, not so comfortable hanging out with other people).

To hell with that. I went anyway, and I had lots of fun. I discovered that some students/friends can act really well and very, very creative. And some are funny too, haha. Wouldn’t have known this if Julie didn’t invited me. Thanks, Julie!

2 responses to “My Saturday

  1. I’m glad you stopped by; you added to the fun. 🙂 I get you on seeing how good of actors we have at MC. Wow.

  2. Thanx for posting our pic 😀

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