Simple fulfilling sandwich breakfast recipe

Generally, Asians consider rice as their staple food. As for me, it’s bread.

I find bread to be so delicious and so simple to prepare. Especially for someone who only started cooking in her mid-twenties, bread has pretty much been my solution to satisfy hunger.

I recalled reading an Archies comics strip, where everyone at Riverdale High School went for a blood check up at school. Jughead went in, and the next picture showed the doctor running out the room. He discovered that Jughead’s blood is abnormal, because it was hamburger juice! (FYI Jughead eats a lot of hamburgers as if his life depended on it).

I wonder if I go to the doctor’s and he’ll find bread juice instead of blood in my body. Lol.

Anyway, it’s been a long while since I did a picture-recipe thing. So below is a simple recipe on how to prepare a simple fulfilling sandwich breakfast.

You need:

1. Lettuce
2. Cheese
3. Chicken/Tuna (up to you! You don’t even have to put this if you don’t want to). I use CP’s Honey Roasted Chicken BBQ. It’s microwavable, so no heavy-duty cooking is needed!
4. BREAD (You can use white/wholewheat/wholegrain bread. Up to you! I use Honey Oat bread).

Step 1: Put lettuce on top of bread.

Step 2: Put bread fillings on top of lettuce. In this case, it’s the chicken.

Step 3: Put cheese on top of bread fillings. You notice that I sliced my cheese. Cheese is expensive in Thailand, so slicing is one way for me to save more cheese.

At this point, you can also put bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and seasonings that you desire. Up to you! The world is your oyster :).

Step 4: Close the bread with other bread slice. Done! 🙂

Simple, right? You can basically do ANYTHING with bread. Be creative, be imaginative! 🙂 By the way, this post was inspired by the Subway that I had a few weekends ago:

It was SO GOOD, SO DELICIOUS and SO HEALTHY. I had slice chicken sthsth which costs 89 baht (cheapest).

Check out other Sandwich recipes:
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2. Chicken Bologna and Smoked Salmon homemade gourmet sandwiches


2 responses to “Simple fulfilling sandwich breakfast recipe

  1. Dee.. I gotta try one of those when I go there. And, don’t forget to let me try your version of sandwich. If not, we make together-gether lah =p

  2. i tell you tina punya sedap the subway sandwich. can die banyak kali, hahaha. ya ya we can make sandwiches together! not forgetting, the chicken mayo sandwich. *drools*

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