Mission College Alumni Homecoming Weekend 2008

Hah, so much for live blogging. Am really relieved that the event is over. It’s not easy juggling registration, payment and designing name tags at the same time. Anyway, I’ve gained a lot of learning experiences from this event – next year will definitely BE BETTER. šŸ™‚

Now on to pictures šŸ™‚
Aunty Ritha (SAUC ’89-91), Dr Chew (SAUC ‘_ _) and me (MC ’06). I love our Alumni t-shirts! šŸ™‚

MC alumni from left: Zico, Ropoy, Aims, and Nok. Next to Nok is Ryan, Nok’s boyfriend whom Shimona blogged about the happy couple. šŸ™‚

My seniors: Pisith, Dinh, Ropoy, Aims and Manh.

My batch! Miu, Eden and me! šŸ™‚

The famous P’Noi (center), her hubby and her sister. She runs Las Vegas, a shack restaurant visited and dined by most MC students.

SAUC alumni Aunty Ritha and Uncle Nalton, leading out praise & worship for church service.

SAUC alumnus Pastor Simon Siew preached on that Saturday.

MC alumni Damien of 2004, Daron of 2008, Ivonne for 2009 and Onya of 2008.

Everyone with MC alumni Ben and DJ.

Sending some love to Nok and Aims!

Cutie Katie, Emma and Chrystal.

So happy to see and spent time with old friends (although it would have been extra nice to have my group of friends to attend this event). But anyway! Since we’re going to have this event on a regular and yearly basis, maybe the other friends can plan ahead :).

For more photos, go to here and here.

One response to “Mission College Alumni Homecoming Weekend 2008

  1. All the small girls will soon grow up to be pretty young ladies. Crystal’s not so small anymore.

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