About wedding photography and arms

I was going through my Bloglines-surfing routine and this particular photo from Mark Brooke caught my attention:

I love how everything is captured in this image – the sand, the sea, the sky, the couple in their groom and bride’s attire. That white rose is such a nice touch. I also love how spiritual the colors are captured here…the blue accent. Whoa.

Although seeing this image brings me joy (I love photography…a special interest in lifestyle and wedding photography), it makes me feel a little sad in some ways.

I do hope that I get a happy ending of my own…somehow…somewhere.

Anyway, on a happier note, take look at one of my favorite wedding photographers, Jasmine Star and her hubby JD, photographed by Amy Wenzel.

Isn’t she hot?! I especially like her arms.


I’m slowly getting there. Gotta do more Wii Fit’s Triceps Extension!


9 responses to “About wedding photography and arms

  1. Yeah, she does have a great well-toned body. Don’t worry Dee.. you just keep up with your Wii sessions. That will do it. Look at the end of the tunnel.. that should give you the semangat 😉

  2. Hey hey wanita, teach me tone mine too! This way, I need a Wii?? 😦

  3. wow …nice

  4. +tina: Oh thank you for your support! 😛

    +aims: Oh, for the Triceps Extension, tidak paya Wii. Nanti saya demonstrate ya? 🙂

    +zaini79: haha, thanks!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! We loved it.

  6. +Mark Brooke: You’re most welcome! Loving your work! 🙂

  7. Dea those biceps are looking great…miss doin the wii, was talkin one time with daniel a. about wii, and he said if we were playing or excercising we shud call him…but im not sure if he would want since he might be busy nowadays 😛 😉

    Im so happy for u….ur looking great, from head to toes 😀

  8. You rock! Thanks for the compliments regarding my arms…I couldn’t do a single push-up a few months ago, but I’ve been working hard and now I can do more than a few! 😉 I, however, think I should join the Wii craze and get fit! 🙂

  9. +vonne: Wii is awesome! It’s silly how three of us are busy in our own schedules – hard to find time to do wii! But yes, I’ll keep asking you and Danial until we find a time okay? 🙂

    +jasmine*: OMG Jasmine* commented on my blog! Okay, I can die now. *dies and revived* Lol, no no no YOU rock! 🙂 Regarding the push up, I can do only one. It’s tough! Hopefully with more Wii sessions, I can have a stronger upper body. 🙂

    Wii is aweeeesome for those of us who do not have time to work out. 🙂

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