Not quite there yet


The MC Thai brochure and ESL leaflet (finally) came in today from the printing press.

Although not 100% satisfied with the results (we tried a new company, brrr), nonetheless am feeling a sense of accomplishment/achievement…somehow, somewhere.

My one-second of accomplishment flushed down by endless of things that I need to do…want to do…

I’m trying hard not to complain, and instead, be more grateful. Trying. It’s hard not to be tied down to your negative side. 😦


6 responses to “Not quite there yet

  1. Yup, sometimes that negative side overpowers you which is bad cause it stops you from seeing the bright side for awhile.

  2. Congrats! Your efforts paid off! Bukan senang mau buat, design, tukar, design, buat, tukar, design brochure! 🙂

  3. +tina: *slaps myself, WAKE UP*

    +aims: khop khun kaa! haha…that’s actually one of the best ways to describe what I’m doing…buat, design, tukar x100. oooh i like!

  4. …and they turned out great! Thanks soooo much for your hard work! I really do appreciate it…and sorry for all my bugging… 🙂

  5. whoa, doris! haha seriously you did not bug as much as you thought you were :).

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