So much politics we’re having in the world today.

We have politics in the country (I’m specifically referring to the current Thai politics).
We have politics in the workplace.
We have politics within our circles of friends.
We also have some sort of politics within ourselves.

Is there any hope for a better tomorrow? Really.


7 responses to “Politik

  1. hahahaa… politics within ourselves… never thought of it that way before. But i guess so eh?

    Yeah, Thai politics are the worst…. maybe. nah – cannot compare.

    How about – are there Heavenly politics? I think so hor…

  2. politics within the church system! DEFINITELY.

  3. ya true that dee.. these politics make me susah hati only.. ish.

  4. aduhhhhhh… no time for politics la…hehe… bertobat lah!!! hehe…
    agree that politics is everywhere šŸ™‚

  5. as long as we as human keep thinking about ourselves then politics will always be part of our life. That is one painful truth that i must endure every day.

  6. +tina: agreed!

    +sondang: LOL perlu bertobat dong. šŸ™‚

    +bayu: I guess politics are one of the constant things in life. Like you said, can’t be avoided. šŸ™‚

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