Because there is goodness, there is hope.

As I have already presumed the doom of today’s world, a particular program in the TV changed a little of that.

I flicked to Channel 10, and there it was – CNN Heroes.

It was a well-dressed actor (whom I recognize the face, but have no idea what is his name…shows how outdated I am) who was talking about this Liz McCartney. Six months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, McCartney quit her job, went there with her boyfriend and saw the need of building homes for families who want to return to NO. There was a particular quote that moved me (and again, I don’t remember the exact words). Nevertheless, it went along the lines of this:

They [the families from NO] can move to a different town, a different state but no they don’t want to because that is not their home. Their home is in New Orleans and that’s why they want to return back.

But how can they return when their homes are left in shambles by Katrina? That’s where McCartney’s Saint Bernard project started – a project, involving more than 8000 volunteers in 3 years, has already build 154 homes for families who wanted to return home but have no ‘home’.

McCartney was not the only CNN Hero. There were 9 other heroes – Tad Agoglia, Marie De Silva, Phymean Noun, Yohannes Gebregeorgis, Carolyn LeCroy, Anne Mahlum, David Puckett, Maria Ruiz, Marie Da Silva, and Viola Vaughn (read what they did here).

Maria Ruiz from El Paso, Texas. Several times a week, Ruiz crosses the border into Juarez, Mexico, to bring food, clothing and toys to hundreds of impoverished children and their families. Quoted from

Maria Ruiz from El Paso, Texas. Several times a week, Ruiz crosses the border into Juarez, Mexico, to bring food, clothing and toys to hundreds of impoverished children and their families. Quoted from

What was also interesting during the program was that there were popular actor, actresses and probably singers as well to introduce or tell the stories of these CNN Heroes (accompanied with awesome media footage that melt even the coldest hearts).

Cameron Diaz, telling the story of...ooops, I don't remember.

Cameron Diaz, telling the story of...ooops, I don't remember.

Before calling out the hero, I like how the fact each actor/actress/singer say this: “…I am honored to call ____________”. The way how they emphasized the bold words are indescribable. I saw the irony of how the famous people feeling honored to call ordinary, day-to-day heroes upon the stage. Probably this was deliberate, but I’d say that’s a good intention.

I felt good while watching the program. It was too bad that I couldn’t watch the whole program as I had to go for a practice (which I was already late…ooops, sorry Daron. But I managed to watch Christina Aguilera performing “You Are Beautiful” aaaaaaaaaand ALICIA KEYS “Superwoman”! Haiyoh, I NEED THAT SONG, love it!

And so, maybe there is a glimmer of hope for today’s world. Just maybe.

I think about myself and I know the great amount of mission opportunities that is present through the college. I mean, it’s silly that I’ve stayed here for more than 6 years and I have never helped build a church or do volunteer work at some faraway villages.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I meet volunteers/missionaries (especially the sincere ones), there’s a certain glow that they have in their face when I talk to them, and I feel this enveloping sense of goodness from the vibe of just standing close to them.

Kathy and Clyde Willy

Kathy and Clyde Willy

I recently met with Kathy and Clyde, MC volunteers on campus. They have been here before, when the college was still just a Thai college. They told me stories of the past – of how they build a carpentry shop on campus and practically build all the fixtures and furniture from that one shop. Can you imagine in 1993-1995 when the college did not look as good as now, and there were less people and less equipments? One of their works, the church pews that is now used as benches all over the campus, are still seen and is still used. You made that? Clyde only smiled.

Kathy was also amazing – she juggled the many different posts because, in her own words, “We helped out in whatever ways we could”. I felt a slight ooomph in my chest when she said that – even at the present time, there are great needs and I have come to know and seen people (who are already busy enough with their own schedules) go out of their ways to help accommodate these needs. Not to say that they are being paid more or that they have more time. And I am ever grateful to witness such acts of goodness.

So back to Kathy, she reminded me a little of that. She also shared on how she taught the students how to buffer the floors. There was only one buffer, and it belonged to MHPC. So they would borrow it and buffer the college floors. There were many other interesting stories – most of the time, I was busy listening instead of busy notating. Hehe!

So coming across of CNN Heroes and talking to real heroes makes me believe again that there are goodness present, even though times are rough.

I hope I don’t forget.


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  1. Hey Dee! Like this post! 😉

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