Missing church for silliness


I stepped out of my house with my usual church bag. The time was already 10:55 am. The second service started 10 minutes ago. It will take another 8 minutes or so to reach the church.

The weather was (and still is) nice, cool and windy. My feather-light skirt swayed with the wind. I stood when I should start walking. I stood longer. I glanced myself at the small mirror on a store room right in front of my house. I couldn’t see the whole of myself, so I turned back, opened the door and walked inside with my shoes.

I saw myself in the mirror, this time my whole body. The time was already 11:02 am. Then, I got out of my shoes and slowly walked to my bed and lie down.

I chose to miss church later because I was not confident of my skirt. I fear that people might criticize that it’s light and transparent and this and that. It looked alright to me, it covered where it’s supposed to cover. But I was not so sure either.

I missed church because of what I chose to wear. How silly.


9 responses to “Missing church for silliness

  1. Nah, that’s not silly! It happens all the time to anyone anywhere. I’ve missed church a few times coz I felt fat and coz I had soo many pimples on my face and I didn’t want to hear people’s comments. =)

  2. Haha Dee! I once wore a very transparent one than yours. As you said, mine did cover what it was supposed to cover and the rest I didn’t care. Asal cantik! 🙂 Cantik your skirt. 🙂

  3. +Lerie: Hehe, thanks for sharing! I guess I felt that it was trivial for me to miss church because of potential wardrobe malfunction/people’s comments. Tsk! 😛

    +Aims: Yabah kan. Maybe if I went earlier like 10:30 am, I would have gone. But I was already late, and then the skirt, and then I thought of the people…nah. 😛 Thanks for sharing! Yeah yeah I like the skirt too! Reminds me of Yvette 😦

  4. AIyoh… totally *IDENTIFY*… trust me.
    Someone should really invent some kind of camou-dress for the days we feel fat and self-conscious – that people will see only what we want them to see!

    Oh wait… then we’d be wearing that camou-dress all the time, wouldn’t we? :p

    We had communion at NewSOng last week, and the sermon was about true beauty.. I know – it’s really hard for us girls to come to terms with that stuff… u know that the skinny, pretty, young girls dun prolly have to come to terms with… but we must try to let Christ shine through us – that our beauty will be all-resonating because we are able to reflect God’s character and heart….. that is my prayer for all of us! 😉

  5. Ps: did u notice my little commenter pic on this thing? I think it speaks for itself – DON’T LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!

  6. haha… its not silly to me because I do that too… When I feel like I’m so not in the right place with the right outfit, then forget it!!! hehe

  7. This is a really cool Blog!

  8. I luv ur skirt….its so…NICE 😀 u shud have called me n i go with u…u know it u n ur skirt…not what other ppl say…actually thanx to u i have been dressin differently or doing things differently cuz u have showed me how important is to be urself n not to care bout what others said.. 😀
    so i guess i’ll be seeing that skirt right….let it flow with the wind…just dont let it fly okies 😛

    Miss u 🙂

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