Of teal, stockings and Estrella

Recently, I am attracted to the color teal.


I realized I have a teal bag, a sorta-teal dress, a teal bottle, and teal earrings.


I wore my new thick black pantyhose stockings to work today. It’s really comfortable – really suit with the cold weather that we have here in Muak Lek. Am so glad that I managed to get this in Bangkok. I’ve been looking for it everywhere! Kudos to Amy for her keen eye. Thanks, Aims!

Side note: I’m loving Stay by Estrella, a local Malaysian band. Kenny Sia describes their music as “jazz cafe-type music”. In their Myspace profile, their type of music is indie and they sound like “peace of mind in killer traffic”, haha I like how they describe their music. I really love the whole heavy acoustic guitar/easy-going/carefree vibe that I’m getting – imagine going on a road trip with a bunch of good friends, feeling the wind in your hair and carefree-ly putting your hands in the air. Think White Chicks when they were cruising with the song 1000 miles.

Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements in their music, using simplicity as the main staple. Being so new to the scene, Estrella is simply going with the flow, and taking in stride whatever it is that comes their way. Source: http://www.myspace.com/estrellaband.

Check them out! 🙂 You might like them.


2 responses to “Of teal, stockings and Estrella

  1. You were right about Estrella! I like! 😀

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