Sharing food entries from Malaysian blogger Kim Ong

I haven’t been cooking since the egg sandwich I made for the Barefooter’s Dinner That was two weeks ago!

I “blame” it on the the constant food invitations I had and also my close friends’ visitation, which really meant going out to eat at our favorite restaurants (or also trying to new places) or cooking together.

Ah, but you know, the food is so much delicious because of the company. I remember Lerie wrote something in the lines of that in her Facebook. I agree with her!

Anyway, to compensate the missing cooking entries, let me share with you with what I’m eyeing…

Are you ready?

Source: Kim Ong. Omelette cooked by Kim Ong’s fiancee, Josiah Ng.

When I saw the mushrooms and the spring onions, oh boy I almost fell from my bed. Seeing this picture on a cold Wednesday morning is just wonderful, I tell ya. I could almost smell the omelette (and imagine the smell fused with spring onions, mushrooms, etc. Aduh!). I practically send the link to my online buddies. Chervie, one of my good close friends and someone whom I highly respect for her sense of cooking skills, expressed her excitement when she clicked the link I sent her. Hehe! 🙂

Source: Kim Ong. Cooked by the blogger herself. In her own words Angel Hair (a.k.a. Spaghettini) with Tomato Pesto. Boiled carrots and fresh cucumbers on the side. Boiled mushrooms with parsley and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top.


Source: Kim Ong. Cooked by the blogger herself. In her own words Bread with scrambled eggs (long beans cut short + cheese + garlic), fresh spinach (olive oil / balsamic vinegar) and sauteed mushrooms.

Whoa I gotta try this dish! I mean longs beans WITH garlic AND CHEESE? Sure beats my long beans with scrambled eggs and vegetarian BBQ ham anytime!

So Kim is one of the bloggers whom I follow, not only for her daily life journey, but especially now for her food entries! Kim, I hope you continue to do this because it inspires me to cook and to try more recipes (and maybe try to make my dish more presentable…haha).


8 responses to “Sharing food entries from Malaysian blogger Kim Ong

  1. OK, you DO know that Kim Ong is my 2nd cousin Josiah’s fiance, right? :p

    Just checking!

  2. Omigosh, this inspires me to cook even more!!! Thank you thank you! Hehe. I’m really delighted!

    Hey Shimona!!! XOXO

  3. +Shis: Yes, yes I know. 🙂

    +Kim: Ah, I’m feeling slightly euphoric, over the fact that a blogger whom I followed quite closely COMMENTED on my blog!


    Thanks for visiting, Kim! And yes, I look forward for more of your cooking entries ya. 🙂

  4. Like O M G.. Dee that omelette looks incredibly good.. come Dee, kita teruskan perjuangan ini untuk terus mencuba.. ahahaha! =P

  5. Amy just FROZE.

  6. +Tina: Eh come lah we get the ingredients later sana Friday market…can cook for you for your supper, HEHEHEHE.

    +Aims: 55555555555! Guess what, Aims! When it comes to food, you freeze, I die and Julie goes to heaven! HAHAHA. 🙂

  7. Hahahhaa… this is so funny.
    Kim, you and Jo should visit MC sometime and we can all have a big cookout! 🙂

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