Some people are just plain stupid

I got a call from one of my “models” for the latest promotional materials I made.

A: I need a favor from you.
Me: Sure, what is it?
A: I need you to take all the brochures that I’m in, and burn all of them.
Me: ?!?!?!??!?!

His ex girlfriend was in the same brochure (just on a different page). And he’s “pissed” (although my friends strongly suggest that he was provoked by another friend who is known for provoking people).

For heaven’s sake, what the HECK.

I know how to take a joke, but this was soooo different. It was so different that I don’t even know how to describe it. Truth to the matter, I actually became a little angry and was also disbelief at the same time.

My job as a designer is to choose pictures that are marketable and put it together. AND the pictures were marketable material! Well, I’m SORRY that it happened to be your ex-girlfriend, but hey – in a professional point of view, you would concentrate more on the quality of pictures RATHER than actual love&hate relationships in between people who happened to be in the brochures.

Look closely in my previous brochure, and you will see that I also put picture of my friend’s ex. As supposedly to be a defensive friend (which I’m not), I guess I should not put my friend’s ex picture, ya? But hey, it was such a good shot and it had the right elements to be in the brochure – why not.

These people are supposed to be my age – and I swear, I am more convinced than ever that some people can actually be very, very, VERY STUPID.

Luckily, my friends (who have experienced coming across the particular person who is responsible for provoking the ‘model’) have shared with me that that’s just the person’s character. That’s just…him. Annoying. Irritating. And I couldn’t believe that this person actually did such STUPID things to a good friend. And she actually went through of all the horrors…it wasn’t easy, but eventually this person apologized to her…after weeks of tattling, horrible teasing and all that.

I am angry.

But then I realized that this is probably what this person wants…for me to be angry at him. So he can laugh and enjoy.

Forget it. I’m not going to give in. This will be my last time talking about this.

If I ever come across this person, I’ll try to be civil. But if he acts up, I’m going to I-G-N-O-R-E.

Bodoh punya orang. BODOH BETUL! Betul2 tiada kerja lain mau buat! BODOH KAMU.

No more entries about this.


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