Stuck as an operator.

There is one profession that I know I will NEVER want to take up.

An operator/receptionist.

I am stuck to the phone.
I can’t go pee.
I can’t eat.

I am a slave to the phone.

I can’t do my work because I am constantly interrupted by the ringing sound, that I now despised with my whole heart and soul.

Which reminds me, I must change the tone of my cell to something else…anything but a default ringing tone.

(*ringing tone)
(*picks up phone)
(hello sawadikaa…kaa sa kru na kaa)
(*puts down phone)

Although it’s quite interesting how the Thais (on the other end of phone) can’t detect my farang voice until I speak English.

But I wished I had breakfast. I wished I brought money. I’ve been on water since 8:45 am.

I’m feeling a little lightheaded. Need food. soon.

2 responses to “Stuck as an operator.

  1. If you ever pick up your phone at home and start into “Wittaya Mission…” then you’ll know you have spent too much time as an operator. 🙂

  2. I know when I called someone, I said “Sa kru na kaa” instead of ‘hello’.

    Oh boy.

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