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Source: Julie. Minta maaf ye aku curi ini tanpa kebenaran. Ehehe.

Last Monday, my two good friends, Lorena (called affectionately as ‘Tina’ and Julie visited their alma mater for a nine-day holiday. Since then, we’ve been laughing, eating, joking (coughing while inserting certain unnamed terms in between), traveling, shopping, catching up, and many many other things.


It was really a sense of nostalgia to do the ‘old stuff’, like eating at our favorite green noodle shack restaurant (see picture above…by the way, this place serves THE BEST THAI CHAI YEN EVER…so proclaimed by muah) and riding three on a motorbike to Muak Lek town. Ahhh. We even did new stuff, such as running like crazy across the highway, going under into a big longkang/parit/HAHAHA I remember this Chamber Choir joke, and then running across again. Craaazy. Oh this experience is particularly attributed to Sandy for making it happen! Ehehehe.

It is so awesome to be with friends.


5 responses to “Friends

  1. Hahaha! oh yes, the green noodles shack restaurant! we have to go there again next year (hihihi!), best cha yen ever, i totally agree with you!

    Thanks Dee for everything ya! Stay put till we come again, it’s always good to have FIHP, right? ;P

    See you soon…back home! 😀

  2. Hahahaha yabah I want to go back to that restaurant! 🙂

    Aww thanks for the company, I really enjoyed you and Tina’s presence when you guys were in Muak Lek. Bring back lotsa good memories! 🙂

    Bah see you in KK!

  3. Well thank you guys for inviting me …it was like ol’ times…better, n sadder…since new things happened, but not everybody was here…Thanx guys… 😀 😀 😀

    See ya next sem i hope 😉

  4. Thanks Dee for many things. Like the picture of the chairs and the words that came along with it. A toast to friendship and the good times! 😉

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