Two Saturday evenings ago, Shimona and I took a walk around campus. We heard puppies yelling..okaylah, barking from afar. “Eh Pastor Ryan said something about new puppies on campus right?”. These one-month old puppies were located near the old AIMS compound, now functioning as staff housing.

This is Shimona with her muka 50 sen. Muka 50 sen can indicate an ‘aww’/pitiful/ muka kesian look. 50 sen (or ‘Fifty cents’ for you non Malaysians) is also a Malaysian coin (check out here).

I can imagine Julie going “awwww” here!

Seven puppies – 1 female, all male.


4 responses to “Puppies

  1. aiyoh deanna…cannot tahan!
    die die die of cutenesss… I hope they all find good homes!

  2. Awesome cuteness but I remember to be quite wet, stinky, and sticky! You didn’t tell abt the pooping incident ah… :p

  3. +vivian: P’Ann (lady at the registrar) is taking care of them! 🙂

    +shis: hahaha you tell lah, Shis…:)

  4. Wow…thanx for letting me see these picz…cuz i tried to see them but the mother dog 😛 she was very scary with me so i wasnt able to see them, well now i did…i think they said that they found homes for the puppies already 😀

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