New hairstyle



8 responses to “New hairstyle

  1. So kewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwL!

  2. wow…Dee i luv it…looks great on u 😀

    Miss ya over here

  3. ooohhhhhhh, can’t wait to see you in that hairstyle! kita patut ambil gambar sama-sama! hihihi….nice! love it! 😀

  4. wow!! so short… but really nice 😉

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHKKK!!!! You did it!!!
    Show the whole face next blog post okie? LOL…
    Looks v. chic from the 50% bottom we can see heheheh…

  6. wow!! saya pun mau potong rambut!!! tapi mcm lagi mau potong….

  7. Now that Dee.. is total awesomeness!

  8. thanks guys! yup yup I’ll post up soon…I’m really enjoying my holiday and I wish I can stall time 🙂

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