1000 baht for overdue books

O_ _ _ _.


I just paid a fine for five overdue library books (due 28th October last year) of 1000 baht. It was actually 1,570 baht but I got a 36% discount.

1000 BAHT?! This marks my first time to pay such a heavy fine for overdue books! Gosh I better learn a HARD LESSON from this. I’m trying my best not to think what I can do with 1000 baht and you guys better don’t push it hahaha.

I’m sticking the receipt on my office wall (I need a visual reminder!).


7 responses to “1000 baht for overdue books

  1. 1ooo baht?!!! Ouch!

  2. Astaganegara…

  3. Oh, when you said it was an expensive fine…I was thinking in the 100s range…sorry.

  4. PS Maybe this is some consolation…a while ago I left a library book in a taxi in Bangkok. The book was 1,600 baht.

  5. +onya: actually some books were from 28th october…ada yang 10th november…but still. shish…gilaaaaaaaaaa.

    +julie c: oooh ouch!

  6. ~!@!$#@#%#5????!!!!.. 1000 baht!!!!.. aduh.. cannot escape also kar?.. wahlau.. i tidak sanggup pay oh if me..

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