Coming back from sunny and warm Kota Kinabalu, I was not expecting Muak Lek to still be cold.

No wait. Of course it’ll be cold (because the cold is still expected until end of January), but this is freeeeezing cold!



2 responses to “Cold

  1. be glad.. at least sejuk is better than panas.. here is like summer hot.. i have no idea why.. it’s suppose to be cold.. it was.. but this week is weird.. the sun is hot and burning.. it’s like summer!!!..

  2. hahahah i don’t know lah, but i personally prefer panas than sejuk! because ah if panas, at least you can mandi, pasang aircon and decrease the temperature and you’ll immediately feel less panas. but if sejuk, even if you wear warm clothes, you still feel cold oh! hahahah 🙂

    but anyway, when it gets hot here, im sure i’ll be wishing for the cold weather! hahahaha. 🙂

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