How Creative You Are & Quilts


Find out what type of creativity you are in this online test.

The pictures below is for Amy:



Source: Inspiration: Making The Bed

I can imagine myself, snuggling inside the quilt. Mind me, this is a person who’s trying to stay awake on a Thursday afternoon. Gah.


3 responses to “How Creative You Are & Quilts

  1. Thanks Dee. It makes a room so homey. If only I can patch one…:)

  2. Aaaahhhhh….! So cantik lah theose quilts and pillow cases… makes me wanna sleep now! NOW! hahahaha…

  3. +aims: it does! yeah I wish I know how to patch one…hows the knitting coming along? 🙂

    +shis: hahahaha yeahh. imagine you’re in an air-conditioned room and you’re snuggling into a quilt and a hot chocolate with marshmallows drink on your table side bed….


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