Of the love for fonts

I found a font that closely resembles Tina’s handwriting. Take a look:


What do you think, Tina?

The font is Freestyle Script, which I downloaded from Da Font.

I found another font, which I really like. It’s called Felt Tip Senior. This font was created by Mark Simonson, an accomplished full-time type (or in laymen’s term, font) designer. Take a look:


I recently wrote 25 things about me in Facebook, but I left out one important thing – how I religiously enjoy looking at a particular magazine cover or poster or ad or anything published and screened through the typography chosen and how the design interplay with one another. Like how the feather effect of a building lovingly seeps into the transparent color background.

Anyway back to fonts.

I believe each font has its own place…I’ve moved from using the font that I ‘just like’ to using the font because that is the perfect font to tell that something. Take a look at the font that I chose for one of the articles in Newsbyte:

Compare the headings for the stories on top and the heading column at the lower left.

Compare the headings for the stories on top and the heading column at the lower left.

FYI I used Steiner font for the “Editor’s Thoughts: Love Notes On The Road”, which you can also download for free from Da Font. I like the contemporary look of the type, and how it foreshadows that the content of this particular section projects something personal (instead of the usual, huff-puff mainstream and newswriting jinglely jingle).

Too bad Felt Tip Senior is not free. It costs $29.


2 responses to “Of the love for fonts

  1. Haha! Can can la.. mine gets pretty inconsistent with the curves and all..it all depends on the type of pen and of course the energy level πŸ˜‰ So..seems like you’ve been messing around with fonts these days.. Know what? I actually kinda like that Felt Tip Senior font. Gives somewhat a certain “edge” to your piece of writing..heheh.

    Hey..keep up with the posts ya. Glad to see it more alive at the moment πŸ™‚

  2. hahaha yeah when I first saw the Freestyle font, I was like “Hey, macam Tina punya tulisan oh…” LOL. I like how you descriped Felt Tip Senior as “edge”. Cool use of word! πŸ™‚

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