This week is supposedly to be one of my stressful weeks.

I have a multimedia project (newsletter, powerpoint and website) due tomorrow and uhm, yeah let’s just say my procrastination level has just been taken up on another level. Classmates coming over my place, personal tutoring past 11 pm, practices for FOF and youth worship, picture-taking and news-reporting has been going in the evenings throughout this whole week. I’ve been so tired.

I should be feeling stressed, but for some reason, I feel strangely happy.


2 responses to “Weird

  1. I”m surprised you’re not stressed..which is of course good. Perhaps..there’s that lil bit of a sense of accomplishment snuggled up somewhere. Maybe that’s why you’re responding in a happy weird way (as how you imply it) 😉 I want to have that kind of feel right now 😦

  2. I love the way happiness comes when you are least expecting it.

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