Mission College

Sometimes…or probably most times, I feel very much like a Thai than a Malaysian.

Like, I would wai and say ‘thank you’ in Thai after someone gives me something/helps me with something, especially to a Thai person.
Or how I would say “sawatdikaa” at the end of each phone call (if it is a Thai person at the other end of the line).
How I would automatically feel conscious about the way I sit. Especially if I sit on the floor.
And if I need to go out from a meeting, I feel tempted to stand up, bow my head (as a sign of respect), then quietly walk out. I haven’t done this yet – I thought I’d look silly (a farang doing this instead of Thai).

So yes, Thailand is pretty much a country that I have adopted personally. Like Julie C in her recent entry, Thailand means so much to me.

And so does Mission College.


Check out more pictures of MC in Late January (bougainvilleas are blooming away!) HERE.


3 responses to “Mission College

  1. I think sometimes there’s something special about the people who share this place. How could we come here and not be changed?

  2. PS Isn’t it funny to feel patriotic for a country that we are not citizens of?

    I actually get defensive of Thailand if I feel like someone (who has never been here) is focusing on just the negative aspects of the country.

  3. There’s a reason why there’s a bunch of us who seem to have a “problem” to leave this place. 🙂

    And to your next comment, Julie! Yes I get defensive too. Hahahaha. 🙂

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