my hands are itching


I had a really good photo shoot session with Sandy, Toshi and Pastor Ryan. From the sixy-some photos that we took, I can already spot a few potentials to be used in my upcoming project.

I swear if it wasn’t because I was walking back with Sandy and Toshi, I would’ve skipped my way back to the office. With a big McDonald smile. My head was and is bubbling with ideas…text, layout…dare I mention, typography?

I can’t wait to explore and start designing. I’m looking forward for work tomorrow!


4 responses to “my hands are itching

  1. aiyah sandy has long hair sudah!!! kasi masuk gambar saya into your project ah..hihihihihihi…jk

  2. I love all various shades of blue in the picture. 🙂

  3. those various shades of blue gives that “at the moment” look.. i’ll have to agree with julie 🙂

    now speaking of that creative juice..hmm..can’t wait to see your piece of work! 😀

  4. that is a good picture! and I agree with Julie and Tina hehehe… nice colors and shades/lights… and the background is just perfect!

    make sure u show us the result 😉 please

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