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My sister and I can eat cake for breakfast, lunch or dinner. “Blame” it on our mom for spoiling us with Hyatt’s 50%-after-7:30 pm delicious cakes back in KK.

Right now I want to eat cake. Especially cakes from Secret Recipe. (My favorite is Choc Mud Cake, see picture above).

A slice in Malaysia costs RM6.50. Here in Thailand, it’s 95! But the Secret Recipe cakes are really gooooooooooood.

3 responses to “Cake

  1. I agree. I bought 10 pieces in KK SR the last day I was there. So tamaha after looking at the price! 🙂

  2. yabah!!!

    blame it on the hyatt 50%. But now we don’t go there anymore, do we? Since we have better option 🙂

    Wah!!! Mahalnya at Bkk!! better just eat here lah ah Bie 😉

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