Bangkok Weekend with the Hobbits

Last weekend, I spent time with Amy and Roy (aka the Hobbits) in Bangkok. And as usual, I had an awesome time! 🙂 Nothing makes me feel more happy and more blessed than having good company. Thanks, Aims & Ropoy for having me! 🙂

As soon as I reached their place on Friday night, I just made it in time for worship. Having missed church for more than a month, the small worship and sharing was just something that I need. I forgot the Bible text that we read, but what I did remember learning from it is that God can use anyone around us – whether they’re Christians or non-Christians, friends or foes to give us a spiritual check on ourselves.

I shared on how one non-Christian student/friend asked me a question about the trinity – God the Son, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. I was caught dumbfounded because even I myself have a hard time to understand this concept. Luckily, a friend who was standing nearby rescued me and answered on my behalf. Phew! But yes, in my case, I’d like to think that God sent that student to give me a spiritual check on myself (actually I do know that my spiritual walk needs rewiring…but it’s good to be reminded).

Anyway, the weekend was filled with food, laughter, lots of catching up, singing to 90s music and photo-taking!

Yummylicious muffins!


First-experiment of Kim Ong’s chicken fillet (Refer Kim Ong’s recipe HERE)


The Hobbits’ SUPER OOMPH! baked salmons with potatoes & carrots at the side

Note: They can seriously open and run a restaurant, I tell ya! 🙂
Note II: I should have taken a picture of the kitchen because trust me with THAT KITCHEN, you would want to cook every day!

Lots of picture-taking at King’s Park


We were trying to do a series of jumping shots. It was not easy!

Jumping Effort #1

Jumping Effort #2

Jumping Effort #3

…yes I guarantee you there were lots of laughter and falling down to the ground. We must have jumped for over 10 shots. Hahahaha. We had fun playing with the color accent feature.






Looking forward for my next trip 🙂


5 responses to “Bangkok Weekend with the Hobbits

  1. photoshop me into your pictures please!!!!!

  2. Blown away totally lol! 🙂

    Daron!!!! The table’s seat next to Dee would’ve been yours!!! Right Dee?

  3. hahahahahah! yup yup, the seat next to me would’ve been Daron’s 🙂

  4. I love how none of ur jumping pics actually SHOW u jumping (ie. in the air) except maybe one (of just You jumping). hahahaha…

    Yeah, taking jumping pics are SOOOO much fun! 🙂

    Great pics of King’s Park. Erm, where is that har??

  5. It’s near Seacon Square. Quite far, actually. 🙂 Google it up! 🙂

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