Sunday School Musical

Source: HERE

I was introduced Sunday School Musical by the Hobbits. (Trust me, it’s so not a spoof of HSM).

I really like the songs sung in this movie. Too bad I can only find one song that I like on Youtube:

The protagonist Christ Chatman (in the video above) is kinda cute, hehehe. šŸ™‚

Read the movie excerpt below:
SUNDAY SCHOOL MUSICAL is here, with 21 catchy tunes and tons of dancing! When a group of teens learn that their church is set to be demolished, there’s only one hope–win the grand prize at a song-and-dance competition and save the building before it’s too late. But will these teens be able to get their act together in time? Maybe they will, with a little help from above…and lots of hard work!
Source: HERE

I can’t stop playing the song and some parts of the movie. If anyone download the soundtrack, let me know okay šŸ™‚

2 responses to “Sunday School Musical

  1. not a spoof of high school musical??
    i gotta watch this, it should be really funny
    well the promotion poster thingie looks exactly like a high school musical thingie. haha

  2. Hey RJ šŸ™‚ Yeah only the poster is a spoof. Only that! šŸ™‚

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