Mee Goreng Tuaran, Roti Canai & Nasi Lemak

I almost fainted when I saw:

1. Mee Goreng Tuaran
pic-tuaran-meeMee goreng, or fried noodles is a universal favourite. In Sabah, there is a special kind of mee goreng called mee Tuaran (Tuaran being the name of one of the districts in Sabah). Mee Tuaran noodles are made of batter of egg yolk and flour, which gives the noodle a yummy egg aroma when fried. It is usually cooked with local vegetables, such as the sawi, as well as various meats or seafood, and eggs.

2. Roti Canai
pic-roti-canaiAnother Malaysian favourite, the roti canai, is mainly catered in mamak stalls (Indian hawker stalls) or restaurants. It is made of dough that is made by mixing copious amounts of flour, water, and ghee together. The entire mixture is then kneaded, flattened, oiled, and folded repeatedly before being flattened for the very last time, coated with oil, and cooked on a flat iron skillet with plenty of oil. The perfect piece of roti canai would be flat, fluffy on the inside, yet crispy and flaky on the outside. This food, also known as the �flying bread’ due to its method of preparation, is normally served with dal or �dhal’ (lentil) curry or chicken curry gravy. It makes a good quick meal anytime due to its convenient and filling characteristics. The roti canai and teh tarik combo is a winning meal choice for busy individuals. Try your roti canai today at any mamak stalls nearby or go to these restaurants listed below.


3. Nasi Lemak
pic-nasi-lemakNasi lemak is a popular Malay food which consists of rice; usually cooked in santan (coconut milk), fried anchovies in spicy sambal, fried peanuts, half a hard-boiled egg, and slices of cucumber served and wrapped in a banana leaf. Nasi lemak is mainly eaten as breakfast, yet nowadays plenty of restaurants are offering it for each meals of the day. This delicious food is wonderfully complemented by a cup of teh tarik.

Source: Visit Sabah!


3 responses to “Mee Goreng Tuaran, Roti Canai & Nasi Lemak

  1. Dea, please eat all those food on behalf of me. Blog about it, make sure the description is thorough to the point of salivation.


  2. Mee Goreng is the bomb….and yet I have never been able to successfully recreate it!

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