That’s Malaysia for you

Approximately 20 minutes ago, I was sitting at a table with a bunch of Malaysians students and a Chinese, Filipino and a Laotian student. I was concentrating eating my lunch while hearing a conversation took place between the Chinese and the Malaysian student. The Chinese student asked a question in Chinese, and the Malaysian student replied in Chinese.

Then it hit me. Wait a minute, Pastor so-and-so…speaks Chinese?

I glanced up and saw Pastor So-and-so, who seriously has no hints of Chinese physical characteristics or whatsoever in him.

“You speak Chinese?!”

He smiled (I could almost detect a grin) and spoke to me in Chinese. I almost fainted.

That’s Malaysia for you.

PS-Found out another Malaysian student who is not Chinese speaks Chinese fluently. He has been here for 2 years and I only found out today.

2 responses to “That’s Malaysia for you

  1. Pastor Semilee…dia new student tue, Sondang :). But the 2nd person I found out was James. Aduh, almost pengsan.

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