Reflecting on my East Malaysia experience


It’s interesting how certain things we experience in our life journey influence our thoughts, our mind, and our act.

My trip to East Malaysia 2009 is one of those almost life-changing experiences that truly left a deep mark in me. I felt like I’ve (mentally) grown so much in those 10 days.

It has taught me so much on how I personally need to be more open to change and to be adaptable to whatever circumstances that comes my way.

How I need to share responsibilities with others. How I need to trust others enough that they are also capable in handling these burdens too.

How I should be more hospitable whenever possible; and to reach out not only to those who I know but to those who are ‘strangers’. Live the commandment of ‘Do to others as how you want them to do unto you’.

How it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes – because you learn from them big time and you do become better.

What I’d like to mention too is that overall, I am proud of my group. If we have to go back in time, I would not change anyone – it’s because it is with these people that I travel with that gave me this kind of experience and it was a great learning and memorable experience!

Not forgetting, each of them showed leadership skills and in numerous occasions, impressed me of their capabilities. Whether it is reaching out to the congregation, getting people together or initiating a cleaning up session without me ordering – I am proud of them. Sure we had our disagreements and small fire sessions, but which families doesn’t do that? πŸ™‚


Above all, I’ve been completely humbled by this experience. I sure hope it does make me a better person but if it doesn’t, I hope I won’t forget.


2 responses to “Reflecting on my East Malaysia experience

  1. πŸ™‚ Experience is the best teacher.. πŸ˜€

  2. Hehehe…Dea im glad i was part of ur group, i’ve learned so much more…from everybody …n im so glad i got a chance to go on this trip…before i graduate…Thanx for ur friendship πŸ˜€

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