Have you ever flush a toilet using your foot?

I have 🙂 (okay, before you form weird images in your mind, scroll on)

When I saw StepFlush, I almost fell out of my chair.


Shoe-flushing “template”


How it works


Trying to advertise that stepflushing is cool – cunning nya


5 responses to “StepFlush

  1. Heheh. I’ve committed the act of using my foot to flush the toilet. Especially those squat toilets in Thailand where you don’t know how DIRTY they are! heheheh. I always wondered if others did that too…now i know =)

  2. wah!! mesti pakai high heel enam inci dan stocking hitam supaya boleh flush toilet dgn penuh gaya!!!

    for the non-Malay speakers:
    wah!! must wear six-inch high heels and black socks so the flushing of the toilet can be done stylishly!

  3. Take a look at the footwear.. it’s ALL brand new. Ceh. But, it’s all about advertising.. saya faham-faham juga lah.

  4. OMG! I love it! and as Lerie said, am guilty as well hehe

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