My first Twitter experience: Why every Twitter user should get TwitterFox


When the Facebook craze started, I didn’t join it immediately. In fact, I put it aside and yes, I was a little skeptical. I mean c’mon, ANOTHER Friendster-like application? No offense, but after the mushrooming of online communities like Friendster, Hi5!, MySpace, Ning (and the list goes on and on), I thought Facebook was just another community where you can put your profile picture and write your About Me section, upload photos, yada2…nothing new *yawns.

But Facebook became bigger and I eventually got sucked into it. And after being a FB user for more than a year, I do see a reason to keep/stick with it.


I mean, there’s nothing cooler than to view pictures of your long-lost childhood friend and her first baby, tagging photos of the recent Banquet (so you virtually “have” the pictures), writing comments, clicking “Like”, etc. Though I really hate the FB applications like being a vampire slayer and buying your friend. Kasih clutter only my page, chis…


Then Twitter came along. And similar to my FB experience, I was skeptical. C’mon, not ANOTHER application!

But months passed by, and my favorite bloggers have Twitter updates on their blogs. Uhm, they also rave about it, like my favorite wedding photographer-blogger Jasmine Star:


Then there’s Jacob Cass aka me fave web/font/graphic designer who’s currently studying at University of Newscastle ohhh DARON please deliberately fall to your knees, giggle and say hi for me if you ever stumble into him was interviewed about being a top Newcastle twitter and shared his insights on why he thinks Twitter is cool (read here)

Also not mentioning during the whole Red-Yellow shirts commotion thing in Bangkok, a friend helped me to check out the situation by corresponding with a journalist who was tweeting almost every minute from his phone in Bangkok.


AND Shimona sent me something to check on Twitter and not having an account, I decided to make one.


During my first few minutes in Twitter, I started to yawn. So I need/should type something about “What am I doing?” Hmm. How is this different again from Facebook’s What’s on my mind? It’s like, why should I have two open tabs aka websites that have more or less the same function? I typed anyway on some ramble thoughts, and having only very few friends — okay, make that 1 active friend aka Shimona –, it was a pretty dead experience.

Then Shimona replied. And then I replied. And then she replied some more. And I did too. Okay, things started to get pretty exciting when I saw this:


Shis tweeting from Twitterfox? What’s Twitterfox? Wait, isn’t she tweeting from her Twitter account website?

I clicked TwitterFox and saw this:


Here’s a formal description on TwitterFox:
TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ tweets on Twitter.

This extension adds a tiny icon on the status bar which notifies you when your friends update their tweets. Also it has a small text input field to update your tweets.

This gives Twitter an edge because now I don’t have to open a new tab, log into Twitter website and tweet from there! I can access Twitter from this awesomely cool and small application conveniently placed on the bottom right of my Firefox browser and it’ll update me whenever my friends tweet AND I can also tweet too!

Okay, enough words. Perhaps pictures will help illustrate Twitterfox better:


After you download and install TwitterFox, you need to restart your Firefox browser. Then, you will notice a small, blue uncapitablize “t” aka Twitter logo on the bottom right of your browser (see pic above and below).

Here’s a closer look on the “t”.


Notice there’s the number 1 next to the “t”? It means I have a tweet update from one of my friends.

So all you need to do is click the “t”, and this is what you’ll see from your browser:


Let’s go for a closer look.

You can type in whateveryouaredoing in “Recent” (see below):


And what’s the point of having Twitter if you can’t comment/reply on your friend’s whateverhe/sheis doing, right? So yes in TwitterFox, you CAN comment/reply and the thread is available (see below). This is under the “Replies” tab:


I think every Tweeter user should get a TwitterFox because it is clutter-free – I mean, you don’t have to open another tab! Especially if you’re like me who have a lot of tabs opened and can’t close it because fear of losing information, Twitterfox helps you to tweet on a browser that’s already opened. Seriously, it can’t get any better than this.


But what’s the point of having a Twitter account if you don’t have your friends joining in?

Note to friends: I think if all of you guys have Twitter, die lah we all. We’ll be chatting instead of working/studying!

If you have Twitter, feel free to add me on 🙂

PS – There’s actually a guide to Twitter. Astagah.


4 responses to “My first Twitter experience: Why every Twitter user should get TwitterFox

  1. Ok Dee… will do. I hope I won’t mati because of this :p

  2. Use this since I came to Twitter … perhaps wouldn’t even use Twitter without TwitterFox. Wishing for some more features though.

  3. AHahahahahaa… so funny lah this post! SOrry, I should have told u abt twitterfox – just that for noobs, I try not to drop too much info… but I guess I should have at least given u that one. And.. not sure if u know abt this one, but this is really useful too:
    LOTS of good stuff.

    And i agree. All our other yays gang should have twitter. Life will never be the same. lol…

    ps: have u discovered the joys of retweeting yet? 😉
    pps: I also use DestroyTwitter at home cuz there are a few more features. You can also add twitter to ur gmail. Eh… u’ll have to enable gmail labs, add the option to add widgets, and then get the twitter widget. Yah… i know, i’m such a nerd. :p

  4. when i get a job , if that ever happens, pls tell me where these places are…wanna get to know them too…sometime 😛 hehehe
    yeah its sad even though i have been here too long dunno about them 😛

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