new shop in the block



The Tesco Lotus Express has been in Muak Lek town for some time now.

So what’s next? KFC?


7 responses to “new shop in the block

  1. wah!! got lotus already! so, how lah? siok als to shop around the small lotus kah? heheheh…=)

  2. haha…tidaklah. at first mcm hurrah hurrah, skali…balik juga sama happy mart. hehehe.

  3. missing Muak lek already

  4. walau…alang alang buka lotus ja bah…

  5. it looks kinda small lol but at least itΒ΄s lotus hehe

  6. @onya mc’s not the same without you, ‘nya πŸ˜›

    @daron tulahbahkan. hihi.

    @sendy yup, it’s a tesco lotus EXPRESS (the type that’s usually at gas stations). πŸ™‚ better than nothing, ya? πŸ™‚

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