Money money money

So it’s been a few months when I started going home to cook lunch.

1. Save money (the least I spent on food from eating at the cafeteria was 450 baht. Whee!)
2. Healthy and delicious food (boiled Japanese green noodles, broccoli and vege/salmon balls or toufu and egg, topped it off with sesame oil, Malaysian light soy sauce and pepper)
3. Squeezed in workout at the same time (walking up and down the hill…twice!)

Unfortunately, it had one disadvantage…and a major one, that is.

Are you ready for it?


Since I’m always at the office and eating at home, I only see people when I happened to pass them by, or at church. (Yes I do have contacts with people during the week…unfortunately, most of the communication takes place online, like Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, Gmail…haiyoh).

I almost become invisible. If it wasn’t because the students still need me to play piano, I probably go unnoticed.

So about two weeks ago, I started going to the cafeteria for lunch. Social life began to picked up and I smile again. So sure, I’m not eating at the comfort of my bed, but hey – it sure makes a difference from eating alone to eating with people.

Now that I’m more socially rejuvenated/revived, I knew that eating at the cafe will cost me (and at the rate I make, trust me, every baht counts!).

It doesn’t help when I also made emergency-food visits to the cafeteria in the evenings. Because that means, the cost of me eating at the cafe is doubled!

I mean, take a look at my cafeteria online account from 16 June to today:


See those circles? Before, I almost never eat breakfast or “dinner” in the cafeteria. But now, I do!

Let’s compare with the previous month:


Whoah, NONE? This was the period between after-graduation and before-school starts. I probably didn’t even visit cafeteria…at all.

Okay, moving on. So I decided about an hour and a half ago that any trip I make to the cafeteria that it outside of lunch hour, I’m going to pay.

Yes bebeh, with REAL MONEY. No charging to the account!


Sometimes I laugh at myself on how I try to psych me. Isk.

So I head to the counter with my hot dog twist and waffles and before the counter lady could key in my memorized staff ID number, I gave her 23 baht (she told me the total beforehand). She had a “Huh?” expression, then quickly shifted to a chuckle.


So yup – my rule of Must-pay-money-when-buying-food-from-cafeteria-outside-lunch-hours is activated! I hope this will help me control in my food spending at the cafeteria, hehe.

PS-> It’s Jun’s birthday yesterday (and my sister too!!!) and he and Rae came to my office today to give me a piece of the birthday cake that they saved for me. Aww, so sweet! But sugar at 9:20 am in the office? What a way to start the day! ๐Ÿ™‚


PS II-> Haven’t been updating a lot…there were times that I wanted, but I just didn’t feel like blogging without a photo (sans camera). Will be changing the blog theme soon…this blog has become less of a cooking misadventure…haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Money money money

  1. aiyah i miss the butter milk bun lah from there….

  2. more of that money coming in and you’ll be able to have more stock of food in the kitchen and all of that other raw stuff to experiment with a variety of recipes of all sorts..hehe..that i like ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. BTW I noticed that you weren’t in the cafe much.

  4. +daron: aww.

    +tina: oyes! i’ve actually did a lot of cooking…but no camera to document lah. plus, using the webcam to take pics all the time is not convenient (actually, more like malas lah ahaha)

    +julie: sigh yeah. i should’ve started going to the cafe more often when you were still here.

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