Relatives in for a fun-filled experience in Muak Lek and Bangkok


Like my Super Mario Bros shirt? Me too! Only 80 Baht (70 baht per piece for wholesale) at the ground floor of Platinum Fashion Mall.

So last weekend, Jessen told me that his relatives were flying in from Sabah to stay with him a little more than a week in Bangkok. His relatives, whom I never met before, are my relatives too. With last-minute planning, the relatives came up and spent a short weekend at Muak Lek.

DSCN2759 copy

After church, all five of us walked to the cafeteria for lunch. Little did we know, my aunt’s ex colleagues; Cikgu Golden and Cikgu Faridah just stepped out of the cafeteria and was about to leave until they saw us. The long-lost colleagues were excited to see each other after 12 years!

DSCN2787 copy

DSCN2788 copy

The reunion was sweet! Aunty almost missed her lunch because they were catching up about each other.

DSCN2797 copy

Cikgu G, Mimi, Misha and me.

After cafeteria, we walked around campus and took pictures. On our way to the dorms, Aunty wished to see one Sabahan student. His name is Dinny.

And yup, we get to meet him.

DSCN2847 copy

Aunty’s dad, who is the Goshen pioneer, opened a new village called Bambangan (a rural area near Goshen). Dinny comes from Bambangan AND he is the FIRST person from Bambangan to attend college. So meeting him for my aunt is quite a MC pilgrimage – to check how he is doing, etc. It was nice to hear Dusun conversation – although I don’t understand it, there’s something endearing about that language.

DSCN2858 copy

We were at the dorms compound for a while. So we just chilled, watching students in bikes passed by.

DSCN2867 copy

Me and my third cousins. Paused. *laughs. If you are laughing, I bet we’re laughing about the same ‘thing’. Hahahahahaha. šŸ™‚

We were supposed to leave for Bangkok that night. But seeing that my aunt and cousins were enjoying the MC atmosphere, we decided to only go down to Bangkok the next day. When the Lampadans found out that we were staying another night, they immediately organized a breakfast potluck the next morning. šŸ™‚

But for Saturday night, I had my relatives over for dinner.

DSCN2890 copy

I cooked mixed vegetables (broccoli, baby corn, carrots) with chicken teriyaki and fish toufu, stir-fried salmon balls, chicken dimsum, vege fish ball and chicken nori seaweed, and Oriental Kitchen’s dry noodles (yummy!) as well as brown rice. I was quite nervous, actually (never had an aunty/uncle to eat at my place). But I think, it turned out alright. Should’ve cooked more noodles, haiyah. Do you agree that when you have rice and noodles, people tend to go more for the noodles than rice? I would too, hehe.

DSCN2896 copy

Later that night, my aunt and Mimi went to bed early. Whereas Jessen, me and Misha head to D’Chillz for some sundaes.

DSCN2906 copy

I’m not really a sweet tooth – but I don’t know why the sudden ‘obsession’.

DSCN2908 copy

By the way, if you ever have a chance to go to D’Chillz, try their Vanilla & Lime sundae with Butterscotch toppings. OH MY, so gooooooooooood!

The next morning, at 8:30 am, we head over to the Lampadans for our breakfast. For those who have been at the Lampadans’ residence, you know the ambiance – familiar laughter, delicious food, the lahs, bahs and kans – a remedy for the homesick.

DSCN2915 copy

The ladies.

DSCN2922 copy

The gents.

DSCN2923 copy

The kids.

DSCN2924 copy

A group photo for remembrance.

DSCN2933 copy

Noon came and we boarded on the famous Chang van. Two hours later, I brought my aunt and cousins straight to Chatuchak market – we wasted no time!

DSCN2975 copy

Chatuchak has loads of things to offer. I’m pretty sure I want to return to this place again – but only if I have leisure time and energy to spare. šŸ™‚


One of the stalls we stopped by that sold Thai silk.


I’m not really good at bargaining – but luckily, the muse of negotiator decided to be at my side and I was able to help my aunt to get a good deal (well, we think it’s a good deal lah!). Mimi proved that she has the guts and the skills to tackle some deals (at such a young age!). Misha were indulging everything that she was seeing – and wished she could purchased them all. I’m glad I brought them there (despite the little drizzle that happened in the evening), because Chatuchak market is indeed a place that you should go as a tourist, hahaha. šŸ™‚ After Chatuchak, we went to MBK, and then later straight home.

That’s just Day 1!

The next entry will be about our sightseeing on Day 2 – the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.


Stay tuned!

PS- Photos are courtesy of my cousins. šŸ™‚


4 responses to “Relatives in for a fun-filled experience in Muak Lek and Bangkok

  1. Third cousins, Dee. Third cousins. lol!

    Haven’t met Auntie Soulin for ages! and Mimi and Misha, they’ve grown!! Last time I saw them, they were still kiddos! Cepatnya masa berlalu…Hehe šŸ˜€

  2. hahaha. šŸ™‚ Yeah you can still catch them, I think they’re going to be in Sabah for another 3 weeks.

  3. I cannot tahan already lah Dee, I want to balik Bangkok!! I’m like that everytime I see pictures of the traffic jam (and the colorful taxis) on the roads, or even pics of the dorms..haiyoaahhhhh stress… huhuhu u must give me that tour of bangkok and muak lek the next time I come k!! Siiiigh…

    You look FABulous btw and also I’m excited by what you’ve accomplished so far for MC. You’re doing a great job šŸ˜€

  4. mari, vuja, mariii!!! besides, some of you guys have a pack of returning here dec 2010 kan kan kan? šŸ™‚

    aww, you’re way too schweet! much thanks šŸ˜‰ i enjoy reading your blogs…your pictures of you guys diving makes me feel im diving too, hihi šŸ™‚ keep up blogging! šŸ™‚

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