Salvaging whatever that can be done

(this entry is written with the impression that the blog readers (esp. friends) know that our Alma mater has upgraded its status from college to a university!)

After I was shocked horrified by the new design of the Student ID (let’s just say, the logo was not proportionate at all!), I decided to check with the RO on the cover of the academic bulletin. I wasn’t designing it (Daron was the last person to design it and the fact that he’s not here…). So I was curious (and yes, perhaps a little concern).

zerpThe 3 different cover designs.

Horrified x 10.

One of the things that I cannot tolerate (besides inappropriately-stretched images) is the obvious and awkward space between the first line of text and the second. I felt like clicking the invisible end and enter buttons to push the text up. Also, because my department works closely with the ‘informal’ branding of the institution, the colors used were not the right ones or even the right shades.

Unlike case scenario 1, the cover has not been printed yet. I was RELIEVED that we could still salvage the bulletin.

So I volunteered to do the cover designs and worked on it the whole afternoon of yesterday. I came up with three:



3The bground color on the left is slightly different because it was exported in Adobe Indesign instead of Photoshop.

These are not final designs though. Apparently, after I showed them to the administrator in charge, she mentioned that there were particular pictures already selected to be on the cover. I didn’t know this before designing.

So I guess it’s back to Square 1. The selected pictures (campus environment from a bird’s eye view, and the 3-fold monument with flags behind) does not 100% suit the templates above so I’ll have to brainstorm again.

But that’s okay. Three years of experience in this line have taught me that your first artwork/draft is not always the final one. In fact, your best works come after many, many revisions.

esl12006/7 version

esl22008 version

And these revisions usually come as a result from people’s feedback.

We need feedback – whether it’s good or bad, whether it’s told in a direct or subtle (the acknowledging-what-is-good-first then give-suggestions/tell what-can-be-improved. This always cracks me up inside because I’ll be thinking, Dude! I know what you’re trying to do. Stop psyching me and just tell me what you want to change! Haha). We need feedback because we work way too closely with our artwork that we only see it in our lens.

And our lens is not necessarily the right lens.

Because  we got to go back to the purpose of the artwork and the target audience and answering some of these questions will help us mold the work to closely represents what it is supposed to represent.

I am digressing here.


*Takes a deep breath.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes.  By the way, I’ve already designed 1 version of the Student ID card (not so sure if they’ll accept, but just in case!). I’ll share once I have another 2 designs set up.


2 responses to “Salvaging whatever that can be done

  1. hey dea!!

    definitely your designs are way better… and i think what i did previously sucked big time… 😛

    you can do it dea!!

  2. Hey! I like the results of your brainstorm session! (I like the 3rd one the best)…and why must they always use the bird’s-eye-view picture? It’s been overdone! 🙂 I appreciate the patience and dedication you have with your projects… and thanks for doing such a great job on the ESL one!

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